how much does a video editor / videographer make at a university?

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TalkingToMe in Surrey, British Columbia

58 months ago

Hi everyone. I'm very glad to have found this forum as I'm about to be offered a contract for a job by the official multimedia production department of the university where I studied. In the last few years of my time at the university I managed to work my way up the ladder from doing simple video recording work for the multimedia department before doing more official stuff like graduation ceremony recaps and the official virtual campus tour.

Now, they are offering me a contract to be a video editor and a videographer (and other duties) and being quite young I'm very excited for the job because the last few projects I did for them allowed me a great amount of creative freedom. So I've been looking online for resources on how much a video editor / videographer expects to make, but I haven't really found any resources on how much the same job makes at a university level. Can anyone offer any advice or share some thoughts or experiences? Thank you so much.

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promyth3us in Columbia, South Carolina

19 months ago

8-12$ an hour I would say. Student workers are not paid much. Look at it as internship longterm. How did this turn out?

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