The Best Jobs for Vocational Rehabilitation counselors

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Dave in Orland Park, Illinois

67 months ago

Hi all,

I am just starting out in the Masters program at IIT and I would just like to get a sense of what to expect when I enter the job market next year. Currently I am pursuing a masters in Rehabilitation Counseling along with two certifications(one for psychatric rehab another for Assistive Technology), I was wondering what are the employment outcomes like? Are they better in the midwest(i.e IL) or is the pay much higher south of the border?. Also what do the employers look for in a potential employee? As part of the program we have to do 3 rotations, currently I am working at the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind doing intakes and one on one case management, I hope to work at RIC next semester and than Thresholds after that. Will having a good internship site lead to better employment outcomes?.

Finally the last question I had for those of you already in the field is regarding M.S vs. PH.D. I know with a M.S my job is going to be more clinical in nature and a PH.D is only good if one wants to teach, but in order to advance in the profession is a ph.d recommended or is a M.S enough?.

Thank you all for reading this post, I know I had a lot of questions, so I a appreciate the patience.


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Morcar in Greensboro, Maryland

60 months ago

I work at a psychiatric rehab facility and all our "manager/directors" have a BA/MS in psych or MSW. A Ph.D. would definitely be over qualified for a small facility. My uncle use to manage a large state run one in CA and he had his MD in psychiatry. I think a M.S. would be plenty and each of our sites has to have a licensed MSW or therapist on staff to run the site. You need to be flexible and kind and wiling to handle a lot of b.s. lol. It's a fun job but it depends if you are cut out for it. There are people that stay her for 10 months and people that stay for 10 years. I am assuming you are a guy which is a good thing bc they are in short supply. We are looking to hire a qualified male for our youth facility now and can not even find anyone. Be prepared to work a lot for little pay though, I'm actually getting ready to return to school for occupational therapy bc of this. Almost everyone here works at least one other part-time job just to get by. I make around $13 and hr after four years. I would expect that you would never break $20/hr. no matter how high up you are.

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Krystal in Bronx, New York

51 months ago

Hey Dave!

I completed my MS in Rehab Counseling at IIT also in 2010, please email me so we can discuss,

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