Question regarding tips and management (A little different from the rest of the topics in here)

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Random_dude57 in Regina, Saskatchewan

61 months ago

Hi, I'm currently working in a liquor offsale at minimum wage. The store is attached to a pub, with a door connecting the two (owned by the same people). Whenever I would like to go for a break, I call the restaurant manager in to cover me. Lately she has been casually telling me that she's taking some of the tips for "Parking money". At first I thought it was a one time thing, and it was only $1.25 to start. But tonight I'm starting to wonder if i should bring this up.

It's been a slow night, and I've make roughly $12 in tips all night. I get her to cover me for about 10 minutes and when I come back there is $6.50 beside her and she's telling me she made lots of tip money and she's taking some for herself.

Is this allowed? She has two jobs, both are management positions for businesses owned by our company. Considering she probably already gets a share of the restaurant tip-out, OR is on salary anyway, AND this is my only job, i just can't help but become irate at this situation.

Can anyone help me out? I live in Canada if that makes a difference.

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