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blondie in Akron, Ohio

97 months ago

our employer in akron ohio takes 4% of our credit card tips as a convience to us. whatever. its more convienent for me to get cash. is this legal. also what if your boss uses the "f" word. she called me a motherfucker then promised to fire me if i told anyone.

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TigerLily in New Albany, Ohio

94 months ago

I'm not sure how taking 4% of tips is a convenience of any kind UNLESS it's taken and set aside for taxes.

If they're using inappropriate language and threatening termination, it's harassment, and is not legal. Contact upper management or your HR department (if it's a corporate chain) and let them know what's going on. No one deserves to work in an environment like that.

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LEX in Indianapolis, Indiana

89 months ago

Right now get a lawyer who specializes in labor law in your state. I worked at the top restaurant here in Indianapolis and was told over and over again that the server credit card tip fee was legal in Indiana. Turns out that my lawyer and the labor board in Indiana don't agree with my former employer. I currently have a legal precedent setting case against said former employer.
This is just another way restaurant owners are trying to offset their cost of doing business onto the backs of their support staff! The legal currency of the United States of America is the dollar, not debits and credits dreamed up by financial institutions.
As for calling you a motherfucker...unprofessional, not illegal! Threatening termination for asking a question is intimidation!

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