Who's better, restaurant waiters or banquet waiters?

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Laura in Walnut Creek, California

112 months ago

I have not waitressed for 30 years, but would like to see if I can do it again. I want to be a banquet waitress, but think it would be important if I know what to CALL the job. I've heard people say "food servers". Would people think I'm really old fashioned if I say "waitress". It is the same job, but when I interview, I don't want to be out of the loop.

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Dani in Conway, Arkansas

107 months ago

The actual term for "waitress" is salesperson.

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JTR in Santee, California

79 months ago

Waiter in a restaurant services tables individually, taking orders, etc.. and earns tips at each table. A banquet server generally has a set menu, not taking orders unless someone needs something special, like a vegetarian meal. The tips earned as a banquet server are generally added to a larger client's bill (generally 18-22%) and split between the house (hotel or whatever) and the hours worked by all the other banquet servers. The tips at large hotel banquets can be very lucrative (sometimes $40-$50/hr)

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