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Instructor:cutts89 in Kansas City, Missouri

To get a job..

I am a 21 year old beginner welder who finished 90% of my trade at a vocational school but was mistaking by the police for a criminal one and...

Alan in New York, New York

Cert classes in NY/NJ area

Does anyone know any good welding cert programs in the New York or New Jersey area?

jokeru in Troy, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Welding - 1 Reply

I was wondering if Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is a good school? And is it worth the money?

jw macaw in Woodhaven, New York

Updated 87 months ago

Looking for work!!! - 9 Replies

What is it with companys today? Whats not understandable is they want a degree for everything and still pay less than someone with no degree-dont get...

want to get my welding certs back in El Segundo, California

want to recertify just need a little stick time

Formerly certified welder LA City, County, NASA, Lockheedm exotic metals and more welder. Got out of it and was only finding minimum wage sweatshop...

me in El Segundo, California

Updated 91 months ago


I am a Certified LA Licence welder, with 5 years of experience as a combination welder. Who is hiring, If your a Recruiter , leave out the BS of...

Jason_S79 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Updated 91 months ago

Welder looking for work in Oshkosh, WI - 3 Replies

I was sent to fox valley tech by my former employer to learn to weld. I've only got a year experience. I was certified to weld stainless, galvanized...

ray.c in Aguanga, California

Updated 92 months ago

Newly certified welder looking for help..WILL RELOCATE - 1 Reply

I just finished up in my welding/fabrication school here in southern California, looking for work has become very depressing. It seems to be the same...

P.R PANDEY in Surat, India

Updated 92 months ago

Welder - 3 Replies

Hi Im A College Graduate for welding , Im looking for a welding job in the palatka jacksonville orlando daytona areas, IM familiar with SMAW GMAW...

jujstme in Longmont, Colorado

Updated 92 months ago

sharing outage expences,rides - 1 Reply

does anyone know of a web site where welders/fitters can share knowledge about accomodations?

arctig in Lloydminster, Alberta

Updated 93 months ago

A little help - 1 Reply

Hi I ama welder with over 11 years of experience and technical training I have a ton of experience . I was wandeing what exactly I should prepare...

senthilkumar in Kottayam, India

Updated 93 months ago

Need help finding work.Tig,Mig,Stick,Flux core - 2 Replies

I live in Oklahoma City and I've been laid off my job July 2, haven't worked since. Really could use some help finding work. Willing to go anywhere...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 93 months ago

Boilermaker/ Structural/welders - 1 Reply

Seeking For top money jobs for top quality work with a professional out look toward the Employer.

bobnburn in Biloxi, Mississippi

Updated 93 months ago

Totally New! - 2 Replies

I am interested in welding. I have always found it fascinating and something I think I would like to pursue. I have ‘played around’ with it since I...

Sick of the economy in Bixby, Oklahoma

Updated 93 months ago

Welder looking for work Tulsa,Ok or Will Travel - 1 Reply

23 year old male looking for welding work.Im a grad of Tulsa Welding School,familiar with all processes of welding.3 years of light construction and...

MWnMobile in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 94 months ago

Welding Student Seeks Advice From Veteran Welders!!! - 2 Replies

My name is Doug Hall, 35, I am currently in my second semester of welding at frontrange community college. I plan on getting the associate degree in...

jack hanus in belvidere, Illinois

Welder looking for portable welding work,

welder 25 yrs. exp.done everything 15yrs.on my own. have own portable rig will travel.

mnuttman in Cottonwood, Idaho


Can someone who works as a union welder tell me a little bit about them? When you start with a union do you start out at the very bottom regardless...

mnuttman in Cottonwood, Idaho

Welding Requirements Canada

Can some tell me what a B Pressure Ticket, what the equivalent to a Journeyman might be and what a red seal trade certificate is and if there is an...


Starting out?

Hi my name's Jeff, I just turned 20 and just got my certs (basic ones, GTAW, Shield, MIG etc) after taking a welding class at our local adult school....

kzlazy in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

To be the best... - 3 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every welder must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your welder expertise?

TheOriginalSkeeter in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 97 months ago

My sex shouldn't matter, nor where I'm from, so long as I get the job done. - 6 Replies

I am a welder proficient in mig, stick, fluxcore, sub arc and pipe welding. I love my job. I work on ships and i love being on or next to the water....

scottchajkowski@*****.*** in Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 99 months ago

I just graduated from tech school with 6G tig/stick cert. anyone know of a job in central florida where I don't need experience? - 2 Replies

I am trying to find a job as a welder, every posting I look at seems to want 3-5 years of experience. does anyone know of a good way to get my foot...

Dustin Yoder in Elmira, New York

Updated 102 months ago

welding school - 1 Reply

Hi I am just getting started in the welding field with schooling. I am just starting to take classes at the local tech school and looking to get a...

johnrouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 102 months ago

Starting out... - 9 Replies

How did you get your start doing welder work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

natal@*****.*** in Duncannon, Pennsylvania


I have been welding for 20+ years,I currently Am employed by a pretty good company but the money is not too good and i have two awesome boys that...

natal@*****.*** in Duncannon, Pennsylvania


I have been welding for 20+ years,I currently Am employed by a pretty good company but the money is not too good and i have two awesome boys that...

marekjagoda in Williamsville, Vermont

Updated 102 months ago

Very intrested in learning the trade - 10 Replies

Hello, im a 25yo female in MA. Im intrested in learning the trade and making it a career. How can i go about doing this? Do i need to attend trade...

Clayton Swan in Otterburne, Manitoba

Un-ticketed Welder.

Hello, Im a college student who has experience welding around the farm back home (made our fences out of 2-3/4" tubing for the posts (its an elk...

C. Spann in Auburn, Washington

Updated 102 months ago

ALL Tradesmen looking for Trade Jobs welders, pipefitters, electricians, ironworkers etc. - 1 Reply

If you are a tradesman, and are looking for work you have got to check this site out. Welders, pipefitters, ironworkers, electricians all trades...

MICHAEL LEWSADER in Robinson, Illinois

Updated 102 months ago

25+ years in welding trade, Tanks, Boiler houses Oil field - 3 Replies

Have been certified in plate and pipe, stick and mig.Can fit and read prints. Looking for shutdown work within 150 miles of Knoxville Tn.Also do...


Welder + Fitter Maintenance the rigs

So many companies offshore and onshore we work.Exprience welder and fitter i haven and we work at rigs jack up rigs or semisub any question please...

Joe Garcia in Chula Vista, California



fulvio in Cream Ridge, New Jersey

Updated 103 months ago

seeking full-time welding position - 2 Replies

Educated and experienced as a certified welder. Seeking work

Joe Garcia in Chula Vista, California


Hello,my name is Joe Iam a journeymen welder and I have extensive experience in Tig,Braz,stick,Alum.Iam a pipewelder and a pipefitter, I can read...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 103 months ago

have job?would love to weld for you. - 1 Reply

I am a welder of roughly ten years and love what I do. I am familiar with tools and machinery usually found in a welding environment.arc,mig,tig,sould...


looking for a good company,with benifits, company truck to do repairs,new jobs,ect.

  hi happy new year, lets make it a great one!!! i'm doug i have over 20yrs in welding and fitting pipe, fab from prints.and can and have ben tested...

Dennis Bridges in Indianapolis, Indiana

Welder Certified fluxcore,stick,mig,tig

Im 45yrs of age im seeking work in construction welding

rig welder in Houston, Texas

welder in need for work

hi everyone, i have been looking for work for about three months now and no luck. I have my rig and tools and 8 yrs exp. in the field. i'm looking...

gene crotzer in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

Updated 104 months ago

A new unique way of finding a job easier. - 1 Reply

I am just starting NeedWelders.com and NeedFitter.com It solves a long time problem of going from job to job and filing out countless...

Brian Indorato in Silverton, Oregon

looking for welding job in oregon

comprehensive experiance in arc,mig,tig,fluxcore,sprayarc in1g,2g,3g,4g-1f,2f,3f,4f-steel,stainless steel and aluminum ,on material thickness of...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 105 months ago

Looking for a welding job... - 1 Reply

My name is Mitchell, I'm 18 years old I used to work for Universal Machine in Pedmont, Oklahoma they layed me off today because production has slowed...

Paul Manson in Claremont, New Hampshire

Updated 105 months ago

Looking for a Weld Shop Technical Supervisor. - 1 Reply

Hi Folks, I'm a Recruiter with Bucyrus International-in South Milwaukee, WI. I'm currently looking for a few Supervisors for our Weld Shop here in...

Peter Muthee in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Updated 106 months ago

welding - 1 Reply

I am a welder and looking for good money. I live in oklahoma city but want to travel.

gerard incillo in Singapore, Singapore

Updated 106 months ago

Welder with rig - 1 Reply

I have years knowledge. Ready to travel and work with my rig and tools.

oli gibbs in London, United Kingdom

seeking job abroad,uk n america.

i vwill be so gratefull,to get a contact of a job structural and pipe welders recruitters.that can help in human resources situations.so grateful to...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 106 months ago

find welding job in ogden utah - 1 Reply

i am recently out of high school and took the welding program all the way through and am looking for welding jobs around this area. i passed welding...

antonio in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 106 months ago

Looking job for welder - 1 Reply

hallo...i'am deo,exprience welder since 1983 so many companies i work and now we try follow this moment mybe we have job.

susan in Jonquière, Quebec


I am looking for an experienced welder to teach me specific welding techniques that I can apply to my sculptures. (in the Montreal area - speaks...

Mike Stoinski in Hillman, Michigan

Updated 106 months ago

Welding student, looking for good job, prefer a fab shop scenario - 1 Reply


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