Best state for a recent welding graduate?

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MPinkham in Wichita, Kansas

68 months ago

My girlfriend and I are looking to move to a state that has more welding opportunities than wichita has to offer me. We figure that moving to a state that generally has a lot of welding work will make finding a job easier, because there is nothing in Wichita. My girlfriend was telling me about TX and the BP strike but I would like the opinions of those who have been out in the field.

Thank you!

Judybean in Niles, Michigan

52 months ago

My fiance and I lived in Houston, TX for 11 months and he could not find a welding job. He had 2 jobs offered right away in Michigan.

kim0215 in Phoenix, Arizona

38 months ago

Tennessee, more specifically Chattanooga. We are relocating out that way from AZ because of all the welding and fabrication buisnesses there.

ironhorse in Cary, North Carolina

32 months ago

i'm in raleigh nc, there are welding jobs here if you don't mind making 1998 wages. i have 37 years of welding exp. and so far the only offers are for $15 an hour. sorry but i/m much more valuable than that.

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