Can someone take a moment and explain the best way to become a certified welder?

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94 months ago

Can someone post THE best way to become a certified welder?

Should you attend a local commmunity college? Or a specific trade school instead?

What is SENSE and how important is that? Can someone explain where to go/look for training, and what certs
one should work to obtain?

I want to attend a local college to train for obtaining the necessary certs.... but don't want to waste time or money.

Hoping to avoid making a bad decision with where to go for training and what to classes to take.... etc..


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blkfirsprk in Fayetteville, Arkansas

94 months ago

I went to a local college and got a certificate of proficiency in Tig welding. I had a job before I finished class but of course it just depends where you are. I am getting my COP in stick welding now. All the credits I have gotten count towards an assosiates degree in welding.
Tulsa welding school is supposed to be real good. My friend went there though and he said it cost about $15,000 so you would probably need to get a grant or something.
As far as TIG welding goes all people seem to care about is how much expierience you have and if you can pass a weld test. I have heard it said that in stick welding being 5G certified will get you hired and being 6G certified will keep you hired.
Well I hope that helps.

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jay in Thomasville, North Carolina

93 months ago

youll learn that mosty companies that rquir ecertifications certifu u themselves especially since they renew every least when it comes to havin a business school is one way..just o take test there are many...tyhe other way is find job that requires certification...most all will pay to have u certified....cause by law they need u certified...specially in most dont buy what others have crtified you at...they do they own test so food for thouht ya money

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rick in Eden, North Carolina

80 months ago

trade school is the best if you can afford it because colleges dont give you enough hands on to really get the feel good enough to pass a test maybe mig test thats easy but for stick you have to be able to make piles of lil burnt rod ends to learn my school was 5 grand for 4.5 months 6 days a week first certs came after 3rd month

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