Newly certified welder looking for help..WILL RELOCATE

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rick in Eden, North Carolina

96 months ago

tbiggs in California said: I just finished up in my welding/fabrication school here in southern California, looking for work has become very depressing. It seems to be the same story with a few others that I've read. Need to work to get experience, need experience to work. I've fired off applications to all the local unions I can think of, i've been scouring craigslist for past few weeks and on this website every couple hours. So far, no responses to my resume/applications. I am completely relocatable, to anywhere and I am a very hard & dedicated individual. I think I would be a great asset to any company, I just need the opportunity to prove it. So if anyone has any ideas for me or knows of anyone hiring welders in my area or out and willing to take a chance on a new comer from southern California please let me know. I don't have my own tools but for my trusty slag hammer/wirebrush/helmet/leathers/and angle grinder.

I have earned the following certifications in my year of schooling(5 days a week 6hours a day):
• AWS D1.1 3G/4G E7018 SMAW 1/8” - Unlimited
• AWS D1.2 1G ER4043 GTAW .060” – 1/4”
• AWS D1.1 1G ER70S-2 GTAW .060” – 1/4”
• AWS D1.1 3G/4G ER70S-6 GMAW 1/8” – 1”
• AWS D1.1 3G/4G NR211 FCAW 1/8” - Unlimited
• AWS D1.1 3G/4G NR232 FCAW 1/8” – Unlimited
• AWS D1.1 3G/4G ER71T-8 SSFC 1/8” – 1”

I will be going back to school on Monday to start getting used to 6G. I am currently on unemployment and was told that any company that hires me qualifies to have unemployment pay half my salary during my probationary period.

what school did u go to? i went to simi valley for my certs there still aint no work out there in cali?

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ray.c in Aguanga, California

94 months ago

dont get discouraged' i went through the same thing 25yrs ago.
ive got plenty of experiance and portable and shop equipment
and ive been out of work since march.its the same all over,its the economy.

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