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97 months ago

Hi my name's Jeff, I just turned 20 and just got my certs (basic ones, GTAW, Shield, MIG etc) after taking a welding class at our local adult school. The teacher was good and I feel confident in my abilities but am having difficulty finding work. Everyone wants someone with experience - even when I say I'd do minimum wage and/or just watch the welder they say they have all the helpers they need. I'd hoped to use my teacher for contacts but he only moved here a year ago and couldn't help except as a reference. I'm working at a local packing plant and want out (they don't want/need welders either, I checked) and am more than willing to move. I looked into unions but none are local, and the fees, even on a payment plan, are currently well beyond my ability to afford (I live hand to mouth as it is). It's getting real depressing too because I got my certs three months ago but don't have anywhere to practice so don't know if I'm losing the knowledge. I live in Middle Of Nowhere, Central California, and just want some experience! Goal is pipefitting or pipe welding but for now I'd just like to be *welding*. :( Advice? Help!?

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