Am I too old to start my way to becoming a wildlife biologist?

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76 months ago

Hi there! I have been working in the medical field for the past 6 years and I'm wanting to change career. My passion for wildlife and the outdoors has always made want to be a wildlife biologist but me being 25 now makes me think I am too old to start. Is there anybody out there that has started at my age? Is it too late for me to start working on a wildlife biology degree? Also with math being a big part of biology does it require you to be efficient in math? Being a wildlife biologist do you use things like calculus in the field?

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AC in Stockton, California

73 months ago

I started at the age of 25 in a wildlife degree and I know people who started even later. I finished a degree when I was 28 and have worked a few years in the field. It depends a lot on how willing you are to travel. I have a family (wife and child) that during certain times of year I only see for a day or two every other week so it is really hard with a family, but possible if you really have a passion and can compromise. You won't make a lot of money at first either, but the more experience you gain the more you will earn. It is a competitive field but experience goes along way in this field. Also GIS work is a great help and personality can sometimes make or break a job offer. I love the field and wouldn't trade it for any other but I would say you work harder in this field to get ahead than many others. I hope you go for it if you really want it. Math is impotant to certain jobs but I would say it is not a big part of your time in most jobs.

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Lisa in Crest Hill, Illinois

72 months ago

Wow, you are 25 and asking if you are to old? I am a 40 yr old woman who wants to get my BS in Biology and become a field biologist. I will be like 45 when I am done. So, NO I dont think you are too old at all. GO for it! Right now however, I'm starting to wonder if I'm too old!! What do you think AC in Stocken?? You are already in the field, are there any older folk out there?? This has always been my dream, my kids are finally old enough now for me to pursue it, but I dont want people laughing their butts off at my age!!

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