Have a BA already, but want to work in the field of Wildlife Conservation!

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cupressiana in Marlboro, New Jersey

109 months ago

Hi everyone. I graduated in 2007 from Rutgers University with a BA in Communications, but as time passed I realized that this field wasn't of interest to me and that my true passion lies in wildlife conservation. I am trying to figure out what steps to take in order to follow my dream career, but I am a tad confused and need your help. I've tried applying to various organizations to gain some experience, but they would not take me. My only other option is to go back to school. I've looked at a major in Wildlife Management, which seems very applicable to what I'm intending to do, but I do not know whether or not I have to go for a Bachelor's again or I can just pursue a Master's in Wildlife Management. The reason why I chose this major is because it meets the requirements of the Wildlife Society and will allow me to become a certified Wildlife Biologist in five years time. Most of the schools that I've stumbled upon are out of state, so that would involve a massive effort to relocate to a different state, out-of-state tuition and the like. I was thinking of taking up some general courses in my community college, but am not sure whether or not they will be accepted at the university from which I will major in Wildlife Management. Also, if I do go for a second Bachelor's in Wildlife Management, would I have to take all the general classes again? It would be great if I could do some sort of bridge program, where I can just use the English/history/humanities classes that I've already taken towards my credit requirements and simply take the courses that are left (i.e. the courses directly relating to the Wildlife Management major...biology, botany, chemistry, mammology and etc.)

I would really appreciate any helpful comments my way. I really want to make this happen because I love animals and would be honored to devote my life to protecting them. Thank you in advance!

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