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MadXrayTech in Chicago, Illinois

76 months ago

If you work for Chicago portable x-ray/Cal devon urgent care(Right of California and Devon). You get $20/patient up to 5 patients in one home( A lot less that RT R in Chicago. If you do more than 5 (rarely happens)then everyone after the fifth patient is double. Night shift makes the same and they want you to have flexiable hours. You start at 9am and it end well after your shift is done. They try to get you to work 14 hrs a day. If you dont comply you get fired and you will not get unemployment because they will say you quit.

Vehicle are always breaking, computer, and x-ray equipment(everything). You do not get GPS and they may not give you a gas c ard. You might end up having to come back to the office everyday for gas. Almost forgot, there are not enough vehicles for each tech I had to share with 3 different techs.

Just thought I would warn anyone considering working for this company.

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x-rated in Chicago, Illinois

75 months ago

I say the red flags before I even began working there. The owner was very disrespectful and wanted me to ride around three days without pay just to "see" if I would be a perfect fit. Then when I asked if that was a payedi training he got upset and told me I asked too many questions and he didn't want me to work for him. Oh, let's not forget he told me because I lived on the south side of Chicago I would have to return the van to work after every shift. That wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact that he explained other employees can keep their vehicles. He just assumed because I said south side I live in a bad neighboorhood, or in his words "the ghetto".

I'm so glad I didn't take the job.

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L in Chicago, Illinois

69 months ago

I worked for this company for a while now and it does have some old equipment but we just got 2 new cars and almost all techs use new computers. Everyone who takes the car home has a gas card and those that don't, well they don't really need it since the car is filled up before the shift starts. Also the night shift does get paid more on multiple patients, so do the after shift stats!

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