Can't find a job since OCTOBER 2010. Honor student, got 90 on ARRT

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Dmitry K in Downers Grove, Illinois

81 months ago

This is ridiculous. Jobs simply do not exist. I wasted money and time for the school. 2.5 years, Honor student, passed my ARRT with the score of 90. Nobody cares. Why did I work my rear off in school and clinical?
I apply in local hospitals: there are either no jobs, or "we would like someone with 2 years of experience after school" or "we prefer internal candidates", or "we want someone who is CT certified as well:.

I apply out of state they either also want experience or "we prefer local candidates" or "you don't have anyone in this city? we just don't feel right uprooting you like this."

To say that I am frustrated is to say NOTHING. I love medical imaging. I am a good student, I am a hard worker.
No hospital is willing to give me a chance. In Illinois or anywhere else. There are simply no jobs and way too many X-ray techs are manufactured by local colleges. Half of people who graduated before me still have no jobs.

I would really appreciate any help I can get. I know nobody in medical field except my family doctor. The hospital in which I did my clinical studies is merging with Naval Hospital and they have 9 techs coming over from Naval hospital - which means no openings.

My fellow students are looking for jobs themselves mostly. They are unlikely to help someone whom they are competing with for the position.

I appreciate any advice or help I could get.


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DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

80 months ago

My advice would be to start looking into another career. Go back to school and bite the bullet.

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