Radiologic physics???

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Jason in Los Angeles, California

36 months ago

I know the program at my school needs a Physics course called Radiologic Physics to be an x-ray tech. The few things I read on different forums and sites is that this seems to be a very hard class, right up there with Anatomy and Physiology; would you agree or not?

I've taken basic Physics with velocity, acceleration, gravity, voltage circuits, waves, etc. and did descent, but not great (B-). Is it really that hard and different from basic physics?

Xraychick in Ridgewood, New Jersey

35 months ago

I think it depends on the teacher, but as long as you pay attention and try to keep up you'll be fine. Stay positive and keep reminding yourself that if other people have been able to get through this course, there's no reason you can't . Best of luck!!!

Alice105 in Bronx, New York

35 months ago

I was interested in doing this career, how hard was it for u to find a job after u graduated?

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