as a xray tech the best place to work

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India in Washington, District of Columbia

73 months ago

where is the best place to work as an x ray tech a private practice or hospital?

what are the pros and cons of working at either?

who pays more usually?

Jake in West Palm Beach, Florida

71 months ago

Goodluck, no more jobs out there for radtechs. You gotta have good networks or connection inside the hospital to get in. It is really fuckin slow and no jobs out there. I graduated 3 yrs ago and still cant find X-ray job.

Sandra in Kissimmee, Florida

64 months ago

Thats bull...there are plenty of jobs out here for radtechs. Hospitals...Diagnostic centers etc...

taurus20red in Stockbridge, Georgia

64 months ago

Sandra, I read one of your comments and saw that you are a limited scope tech. you are not a rad tech. Rad techs are radiologic technology professionals that go to school for two years to learn how to become competent imaging professionals,not just limited techs. And that persons comment was true.There are NO jobs for rad techs out there.Thats because all the x-ray jobs are being given to people like you who are are not qualified, just so the company can save a few bucks. Florida is one of the cheapest states in the country to work for. I know I'm a ARRT registered tech that lived there for 7 years.

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