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taurus20red in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 98 months ago

x-ray schools - 2 Replies

Hello, Can someone recommend a good xray school for me? I am new to the area. Thank you!

charls in Villa Park, Illinois

want to get full license in illlinois for radiology

i have radiology degree from india and have 9 yrs of experience from india i took limited license from illinois state for radiology how can i work as...

J Buller in Springfield, Missouri

Looking for an interview.

Hello everyone. There is some interesting reading on this site! I'm currently pursuing a BS in Radiography. For one of my classes I need to...

Heather in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 100 months ago

Find a job - 2 Replies

Dear all, I am a x-ray technician from Indonesia and I want to work in US. Is there some people would like to tell me how I can get it? For the...

Heather in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 100 months ago


i had actually looked forward to moving into a xray technician career until i found the threads on here. seems the only people happy with this career...

Heather in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 100 months ago

Getting an x ray technician job. - 4 Replies

How did you get your start doing x ray technician work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

darshna in Pittsburg, Texas

dallas do they have collage for Radiology,Ultrasound tech or X-Ray?

Dallas Tx if have plz reply me. thanks

darshna in Pittsburg, Texas

I want to do Radiology,Ultrasound tech or X-Ray?

Which one is more better for after school and i wast my 2 years. which is more better for to get job and also $$$$$

Patricia5333 in philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 101 months ago

save you self - 2 Replies

There are NO jobs, none, nada. I have a B.S., and a rad tech, and a radiation theripist, and MRI all ARRT. How do you spell screwed? B.S. RT (R),...

Steve in Pascoag, Rhode Island

Updated 102 months ago

ways to prep for xray program - 3 Replies

Hi, I am starting the xray program in June and was wondering if there was anyway I could prep for this program. I have no more classes to take for...

Kim in Surprise, Arizona

radiography programs in D.C. Area

Can anyone recommend a good x-ray tech school in the D.C. Area... whether it be PA or VA, please!! I just withdrew from a school in AZ because my...

lisajayne in New York, New York

Xray tech program in NYC?

I recently moved to NYC, and cannot find a job in my field of advertising. I'm willing to re-train, and thought xray tech might be a good field....

Steve in Pascoag, Rhode Island

plz help me ways to prep for XRAY school

Hi, I am starting my XRAY program in June 2010. There is no Anatomy pre-req to start the program but they do obviously have those classes in the 2...

g in Los Angeles, California


I need some info on the rad tech program at ELACC..please if anyone has gone through their rad tech program, please respond. I just wanted to...

osiris in Iraq

x-ray tech

i plan on starting school in this profession with in the next 4months.then relocate to ATL,GA.if anyone knows if the demand for x-ray techs...

jose luis in Guadalajara, Mexico

soy tecnico radiologo en mexico

ola soy tecnico radiologo en mexico y me gustaria trabajar como tal en california o cualquier cidudad fronteriza de USA pero no se como...

BKAPPES in Palos Hills, Illinois

Updated 102 months ago

Schooling - 2 Replies

How many years do you need to go to school to be an Xray tech? Is this job in demand? Is it wise to get the certificate or should you just go all the...

DrAkE000 in San Antonio, Texas

**** LMRT Question******

I live in S.A. Texas and i was wondering if it was possible to work in a different state (Florida) with my temporary license.

kovidarling in Buffalo, New York

Updated 104 months ago

difficulty finding a job - 5 Replies

i m looking for x-ray technican job in richmond VA. its been 2 months i have been looking for job but not getting any coz i dont have any experience....

confuz in Upland, California

radtech job description??

do radtechs also perform direct patient care and do alot of paper works like nurses does?? i need help..thanks!!


Updated 105 months ago

xray techintion - 13 Replies

i was wondering what the best school to go to is i live in houston texas

Sabine in Edmonton, Alberta

H1B visa; X-Ray female assistant-USA

I am searching for a company, which would like to become a sponsor to give me a H1B visa. I have 6 years of experience in radiograph diagnostics,...

ROHAN MOHITE in Bombay, India

Updated 105 months ago

i want discuss with x ray technican - 1 Reply

I want conduct anyone outside country radiogrpher raoanupriya@yahoo.com

Cam in Paterson, New Jersey

Updated 107 months ago

gawd help me - 4 Replies

i boght this x ray machine at a government drmo auction in barstow for 100 dollrs in november. But the plug dont fit into my strip outlet. so i put...

Carli in Farmington, Michigan

Updated 107 months ago

schools - 38 Replies

Is it better to go to a taditional collage or is it ok to get your certification from a school like Pima med institute.. Pima offers a full scope...

Frank123 in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 107 months ago

work day - 2 Replies

How long is the average work day for an x-ray technician

taurus20 in Kissimmee, Florida

Updated 107 months ago

Moving to atlanta or maimi - 1 Reply

I have just received my degree as a radioliogist and I am planning on leaving california. Does any know what the requirements will be if I do decide...


Any Medical positions

I have 2 dui's 15 yrs. apart. Quit drinking and was laid off and had a few as I was so depressed. Will not ever drink again but would this not...

nike_sanni@*****.*** in Lawrenceville, Georgia

X-ray jobs

I am interested in full time xray job. ARRT certified, 1 year experience

nike_sanni@*****.*** in Lawrenceville, Georgia

I am looking for full / part time X-ray tech

Radiology office. Full / part time position with flexible hours. Asian neighborhood, Prefer Chinese / Korean speaker

Jennifer in Burbank, California

I lost my X-Ray Tech Certificate and EMT.

I need to find out who to contact to get copies of my X-Ray Tech, EMT and EKG License. Does anyone know who to contact. I have lost them do to...

Antz in New York, New York

locating an x ray tech school in NYC

are there any schools or programs in New York City for x ray tech certification ?

ronette in San Bernardino, California

Updated 108 months ago

X-Ray tech certification in CA - 2 Replies

What are the requirements for an X-Ray tech certification in California? Can a felon get certified?

x-ray tech in oregon in Medford, Oregon

Updated 109 months ago

xray - 1 Reply

can iget a job for xray out of the army without going to school after the army

xray tech in oregon in Medford, Oregon

Updated 110 months ago

one year out from starting x-ray tech school - 3 Replies

I am currently deployed to afghanistan in the u.s. army. I leave the army april 14th 2010. I am now starting my research and preperation in the x-ray...

JRad in Milledgeville, Georgia

Already Have Assoc Degree...

How much schooling would I have to do to become an x ray tech? Would I have to go back and take a lot of core, or would my assoc be sufficient? Thank...

LITTLE ONE in Gilbert, South Carolina

Updated 110 months ago

please....it's not "technician". - 18 Replies

the licensing of an RT is referring to a radiologic techNOLOGIST. have you done any research into this?

Dont do it in Hayward, California

Updated 111 months ago

ajob - 1 Reply

i want a job im xray tech

Judy in Canton, Georgia

X-ray Tech school in or near atlanta ga?

does anyone know of a school offering x-ray tech classes in the atlanta area?

animal2425 in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 111 months ago

schools - 4 Replies

I am looking to go to school to be a x-ray tech but every time I search on line it brings up a million hits. if anyone knows of a good school around...

Shawna Alexander in Fountain Inn, South Carolina

radilogy tech degree vs radiology tech cerification salary

Does a radio tech with an associates degree make a significant difference in salary than a radio tech with just a certification, if so how much?

Traveling dad in Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania

flouro permit

I am a Traveler and am confused about California Flouro permits. Who needs it? If you are just doing cat scan do you need this? Do you need to take a...

DONT DO IT in Fairfax, Virginia

Updated 112 months ago

Any good x-ray tech schools in New York? - 2 Replies

Looking for a career change (x-ray tech)and in doing a search on-line have been unable to find a good school in New York. Anybody get any training in...

summer5 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 112 months ago

Looking for schools in Maryland area. - 3 Replies

My sister is changing her career and wants to go back to school and stucy RT. does anyone know of any good schools in the baltimore maryland area?

summer5 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 112 months ago

School Daze - 1 Reply

What is the best X-Ray tech. schools in San Diego? And , is there any type of financial aid I can receieve to use for personal expenses during my...

summer5 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 112 months ago

x ray tech - 1 Reply

any schools close to the triad area?

summer5 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 112 months ago

Schools - 2 Replies

Where is a good school where I can become a radiologic technologist. And what is the tuition for that school

summer5 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 112 months ago

schools - 2 Replies

where is the best three schools in florida where I can become an x-ray technician

summer5 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 112 months ago

I am looking for a School for Xray Tech in Dallas area - 2 Replies

I am starting new career search later in life. Comm College is difficult to get into programs. Have done small amt of research on Surgical Tech and...

summer5 in Brooklyn, New York

X-ray Tech or Sonographer Schools in Connecticut

Hello all, Does anyone know of a good x-ray tech or sonographer school in Connecticut? Is a 2-year degree sufficient to get into the job market? ...

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