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mom in Sayreville, New Jersey

59 months ago

I let my x-ray certifiation/license lapse years ago to become a stay at home mom. Due to the economy, I would like to resume my x-ray career. What do I have to do / or whom should I call to get back on track?

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Rob in Westbury, New York

59 months ago

do you really not know where to start?...there are SOOO many people to ask...how about calling up your old employer and asking him for some advice ? how about googling some schools and speaking to the head on what you have to do ? how about finding the # for where you get certified and give them a call?....I hope i've pointed you out to some sources where you can get the correct answers.

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RT in Hamden, Connecticut

58 months ago

Actually, it's better to skip the old employer and check the website/call the ARRT directly.

Unfortunately, if your certification lapsed for more than 5 years and you have not kept your CE current, you have to start over. There's a PDF document available here (www.arrt.org/publications/ReRex.pdf) that is clear - as of 1/1/2009, if 5 years have passed since your last CE Biennium date, the only way to reinstate your registry is to again complete an educational program and and take the exam.

Contact the ARRT.

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Mrs. Recertified in Port Charlotte, Florida

52 months ago

I don't think you will have to repeat the course over. You should call the ARRT. My license had lapsed two years ago, and I just got recertified. The best thing to study is Radiography Prep by D.A. Saia, and she also has a testing site online called radrevieweasy.com. You should use this in addition to your book. Both are phenomenal. I passed my test with an 86 after being out of school for 10 years. Try Amazon.com, and you might get a good price on it. I hope this helps.

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Xrayz in Charlottesville, Virginia

52 months ago

RT in Hamden is correct. If you were RT-R you will have to complete the entire didactic program and clinicals and sit for ARRT registry after completion of program. If you were limited license or basic machine operator I don't know. Laws vary state by state as well. I notice a lot of people using Certification and License as the same. Here in VA, the License is issued by the State Dept. of Health Professions after proof of Certification by ARRT. Hope this helps.

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BELOVED in Freehold, New Jersey

52 months ago


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reformist in Hackensack, New Jersey

52 months ago

Don't believe all this hype about so many jobs for Radiologic Technicians. It is propaganda perpetrated by the X-ray Technician and Radiologic schools that are trying to get your money. My former classmates and I have been unable to find a job after graduation in 2009. They fooled us all into thinking that this profession offered plenty of job opportunities. They have simply stolen our money and wasted our time. All the reasons why there are no jobs posted here are true, but the schools that are only interested in getting your money don't tell you this, and I assume that people who publish this crap are in on it too. Pick another field unless you want to get screwed like us. So many people have gotten fooled like me, that I assume I will be out of a job for a long time unless I go back to school and spend more money and time learning something else. I regret it big time!!!

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kima hand in New Braunfels, Texas

37 months ago

im in the same boat, my license expired for both arrt and the state of tx and I dont knw wat to do? I think for my state u only have to stay current with the state, not arrt, but then again I dont know. im trying to get my ceu's done to at least renew my state license, but dont know about arrt. as far as the job market, its freaking bogus! but I want to stay current just b/c you never know

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hildamay in Encino, California

37 months ago

I have question I graduated from a limited program in california in 1982. I had cancer in 2004 let my liscense expire approx 2005 could be 2006. I just survived second round with different cancer so please only someone who knows the current correct answer to this question. I am 55 and do have some regrets about limited program however I was blessed with being excellent at orthropedics and worked for the regristry which gave me so many opportunties. I got a blood drawing certification, worked in urgent cares , for primary care doctors, specialist, internal medicine, cardio, learned pt modalities, however if you have the resources educate yourself as much when you are young and physically able. Stay Strong and if limited is all you can handle pick up other certifications be proactive do your homework.

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