Is there a danger of cancer to radiographers?

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I should be glowing in Kingston, Ontario

67 months ago

I had over 100 xrays in less then 2 year span, most in one year, then MRI, several cat scans, 2 BMD's, several ultrasounds on heart and legs, now going for another one for hip issues.

I'm concerned about gamma ray exposure leading to cancer, they have me booked with a dermatologist soon.

I feel trapped if I get cancer, they were only trying to help me buy finding out why I have osteoporosis but I assumed they knew WTF they were doing and wouldn't expose me to any dangerous levels, it's not my Dr's fault as much as the hospitals records for not red flagging me and reaching Dr for comment and concerns

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tony in Baltimore, Maryland

14 months ago

Hello. Some of your tests do not use gamma radiation. Xrays and CAT scans do. The doctors are supposed to weigh the value verses harm of getting xrays. You as a patient can also raise this concern as well. You are your best advocate. Bring up your concerns with your doctor One good thing is that alot of xrays today are digital and the ionizing radiation levels are much lower with these tests. Good luck and best wishes.

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