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Updated 17 days ago

need ARRT after many years as a CRT, ARRT denied me - 44 Replies

I took the Radiation Therapy exam twice and failed it. I have more try to go and I don't want to fail it the third time. I used the Mosby questions...

RadTech in Tucson, Arizona

Thomas Institute of Health Professions "Live" MRI Webinar Series

5d Edited The Thomas Institute of Health Professions "Live" MRI Review Webinar Series (16 Credits) Learn From Anywhere!! All You Need Is a...

angelfat in west springfield, Massachusetts

Updated 2 months ago

Can't find work - 102 Replies

I am a new grad with a ARRT license in X-Ray. I've been looking for work for the past two months and it seems as if no one wants to give me a chance....

Khristy in Austell, Georgia

Updated 3 months ago

Accredited xray tech school in Atlanta, GA - 12 Replies

Has anyone in the Atlanta area completed or are attending an accredited program? If so, how was it? and what is the name of the school?

Karen in New Bern, North Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

Why is Xray tech and Medical assisting lumped together in job ads? - 30 Replies

Are these all small offices or something?

tony in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 6 months ago

Is there a danger of cancer to radiographers? - 1 Reply

Sorry if this has ever been asked before but I can't find an answer on here. Is it dangerous to become a radiographer? I know that everything is...

tbooie in Herndon, Virginia

Updated 6 months ago

Don't get into the Radiologic or X-ray Technician Field - 6 Replies

Don't believe all this hype about so many jobs for Radiologic Technicians. It is propaganda perpetrated by the X-ray Technician and Radiologic...

Leah in Rhinebeck, New York

Updated 7 months ago

Foreign Radiologic Technician Working in USA! - 1 Reply

Hi, My girlfriend is Chilean and she has a degree in Radiologic Technology and she has 2 years of working experience in X-Ray and Nuclear Medicine....

Garcma2 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

NEED HELP PLEASE radiology tech - 76 Replies

I Have a degree in finance and investment, currently work in a bank make ok pay $19/hr plus commission but i hate it sooo much. i wanted to do...

Mike in Vancouver, Washington

Updated 8 months ago

Can I become a radiology technician if I have a 3yr. old felony? - 153 Replies

I want to go to school to become a radiology tech., but I have a 3 year old felony. I was thinking there are lots of places other than hospitals that...

Rose3473 in Branford, Connecticut

Updated 10 months ago

Would a Radiology Career Benefit From My Psyc Degree? - 22 Replies

I received my bachelors in psychology a year and a half ago, after the job market was heading down hill. 18 months later I'm still jobless. So I am...

Eric Chamberlain LLT in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Updated 10 months ago

Limited licensing? - 194 Replies

Some states now offer a limited license for x-ray tech's. What can you do with this and who will hire you? Also what is this position called at most...

Tommy G. in Texas

Updated 11 months ago

X-Ray Training in the Dallas Area - 119 Replies

I'm researching X-Ray training in the Dallas, TX area. Are there any good schools in this area?

Helen in South Gate, California

Updated 12 months ago

Digital x-ray certification - 3 Replies

is there additional training or certification required to operate a digital x-ray unit in the state of Georgia? My compnay is converting from...

AJB in Dayton, Nevada

Updated 12 months ago


I let my x-ray certifiation/license lapse years ago to become a stay at home mom. Due to the economy, I would like to resume my x-ray career. What do...

DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 13 months ago


I almost feel like I wasted 2yrs of pre-requisite classes to then go for 2 more years of all radiography technology classes. I/we should be given...

ssaunders in Buford, Georgia

Updated 18 months ago

The difference between LMRT and RT (RT's ONLY) - 84 Replies

Other than my own personal thoughts, I would like to get the opinions of other RT's thoughs on LMRT!

DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 19 months ago

Too many Radiography schools/programs in your area? - 173 Replies

Is it all about just trying to get a persons $ for tuition, parking, books etc.? Or is it about the employers purposely opening too programs...

DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 21 months ago

Should I Become an X Ray Tech? - 80 Replies

I posted this earlier, but nobody responded, so let me elaborate: I want to become a x ray tech, not because I want to be an x ray tech, but...

samij in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Radiology Tech/Cardio/Ultrasound/Biomed Tech

Is this a good idea to go into? I have been researching and looking at my options with an associate's degree and I wanted to know whether it is even...

Shane in Raeford, North Carolina

Updated 31 months ago



Kelly Dorsey in Austin, Texas

What job in the medical field could I do on Deferred Probation

I have a drug charge and two forgery charges but I'm trying to turn my life around and got to school. In austin tx acc does a background check for...

taurus20red in Tucker, Georgia

Updated 32 months ago

What is the difference between radiology technician and technologist? - 8 Replies

I see these terms interchanged all the time, but technician seem like it should be a step down from technologist. Correct? Like LPN is the level...

mgjon in Riverdale, Georgia

Updated 33 months ago

Boom or bust? - 238 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most x ray technician...

spabronte@*****.*** in Bentonville, Arkansas

Updated 35 months ago

X ray technologist program wait time - 2 Replies

Can present x ray technologist who have attended community colleges for their programs please tell me how long you personally waited to be accepted?...

RC in Oakland, California

Updated 38 months ago

Anybody apply or tried applying to Kaisers radiology program in richmond ca?? - 2 Replies

So has anyone ever applied for kaiser's radiology or ultrasound tech program in richmond?? I applied in november and will hopefully get a call back...

eu in Bakersfield, California

Updated 40 months ago

Rad tech - 1 Reply

How's the job market for x-ray tech ? Im planning to go for 2 years Radiology technologist associates degree, But Im afraid that I won't find a job...

mikecigars10 in Hicksville, New York

help with a Medicaid issue.

If I was convicted of Medicaid Fraud in 8/1998.There was a clause that for 10 years I could not fill Medicaid clams in Pharmacy. My father did the...

kayla in Lake Elsinore, California

Can I become an xray/radiology tech with 2 duis?

I have two duis that are 7 years apart and both completely taken care of. The first dui was from when I was 20. This second one happened last...

Future Radtechnologist in Sacramento, California

Northern California X-ray schools: Will they consider me without a GPA even though I technically have a B.S.?

Hi everyone here at Indeed. I have a dilemma here and that dilemma is the fact that I do not have a cumulative undergraduate/university GPA due to...

Belinda in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Updated 47 months ago

Student of Radiology at Brazil - 12 Replies

Dear friends! I feel happy to integrate this forum. I'm here to share information with everybody. My name is Israel Mendes, i'm radiology...

srinivasa rao in Rajahmundry, India

Updated 47 months ago

Radiography Jobs - 10 Replies

Ive been hearing so much complaning about this. I dont know if I believe some of you who say there are no jobs in radiography. I went to BLS.com and...

lukensue@*****.*** in Norwalk, Ohio

Updated 49 months ago

feel robbed of $30,000.00 R.T. school.. - 11 Replies

I feel like I was robbed of 30,000 dollars in school fees. In my class alone there were over 30 of us and there are 3 other schools within 20 miles...

lukensue@*****.*** in Norwalk, Ohio

Updated 49 months ago

Rad Program starts in Aug. 2011, SHOULD I GO!? I am on the wait lists for LVN and PTA(phys.therapy assistant) also.,, - 2 Replies

I have been researching and thinking of another route to use all those prereq.'s and stay in the health care field. I used to be really excited...

Sriggan in Raleigh, North Carolina

Radiography (certificate) UNC

Has anyone attended the UNC certificate program in Radiography? Just wanting to get some insight into the progam and any job information after...

Annyli in San Jose, California

Austin Texas Xray Techs...is it true you make $40/hr (entrylevel)?

Hi there, In Austin Texas, is it true entry level Xray techs make ~$40/hour? I have Fluoro + Mammo + Xrays(ARRT)...can anyone give me and...

Anny in San Jose, California

Updated 54 months ago

Question for Techs in Miami, Florida or the South Florida region - 3 Replies

What is the starting pay down there? I know there are no jobs at the moment, but I was curious about the wages down there. I graduated in June and I...

e.jones in Mckinney, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

Considering becoming a radiologist tech - 2 Replies

Hello there. I am considering becoming a radiologist tech. I was wondering if anyone would like to throw some advice out there. I want to get my...

Cameron Ransom in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 57 months ago

x-ray tech - 1 Reply

im looking for x-ray tech jobs, does anyone knows the minimum they pay in miami, fl

Clint Nelson in Pasadena, Texas

Updated 57 months ago

Rad Tech Pro iPhone App? - 4 Replies

Hey I just stumbled upon Rad Tech Pro, an iPhone app that supposedly replaces our little reference booklets... has anyone tried it? At $14.99, it...

C P in Villa Park, Illinois

What is the average hourly pay rate for a Radiologic Technologist in St. Louis Missouri with 12 years of experience??

I am relocating and need to know what to ask for without selling myself short or over selling for the market there.

hyperman in Manassas, Virginia

radiology certification program

is there any radiology certification program that requires less than a year in the DMV area? If so, how difficult is it to find a job in this field?

Mike in Los Angeles, California

Updated 60 months ago

xray tech / mri schools in Los Angeles - 13 Replies

Would anyone be able to recommend any for me around the San Fernando Valley area? There is a Kaplan really near by me.. I'm 35, can't afford to wait...

looking for x-ray jobs in Largo, Florida

Updated 60 months ago

Cant find a xray job - 37 Replies

I recently graduated in May and I still cant find a job as a radiologic technologist. Whats up with that? I have the skills yet, I lack the...

mcoyrt@*****.*** in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Industrial X-Ray Technologist

I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist and I was wondering if anyone knew if the market for Industrial X-ray is saturated as well or is there a...

radgrl in New Jersey

Hourly wage

I recently relocated to NJ. What is the typical hourly for an x-ray tech with over 13 years experience. I'm not sure what I should be accepting?...

sir isaac in Lewiston, Maine

CT certification

What do I need to get CT certified after RT school? Can I take online classes and take the test, or do I need clinical hours as well?

PeteG4 in Aurora, Illinois

Here's the latest qualifications for becoming a Radiologist

Like other physicians, a radiologist must have graduated from an accredited medical school and has earned an MD degree. You can see what the other...

Tuan Ngo in Bronx, New York

Updated 64 months ago

Show me the money... - 294 Replies

What are typical x ray technician salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

@peace in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 64 months ago

Temp agencies in the washington dc area - 1 Reply

does anyone know of a temp agency for R.T.'s in the Washington dc area?

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