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Ajay in Delhi, India

horizontal menubar using XML-XSL

I have following xml file structure. <MenuList> <parentMenu MenuName="ParentMenu1" MenuId="1"> <Menu MenuName="Menu1" MenuId="8"></Menu> ...

Muthahar in Bracknell, United Kingdom

XSL Dynamic Values to be populated based on the previous field.

Hi All, I have arequirement where drop down of one field is selected, based on this field the value should dynamically change in another field...

Jouda in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

XSL - use node value as future select expression for for-each

Hi, I would like to ask for help if anyone know how to achieve creating select expression string from a node-string. i have nodes, filters node...

vedmack in Nazareth, Israel

Sort xml using xsl (unknown input with/without tokens)

Hi i have xml file with nodes that could hold any type of input: XML code: <Employees> <Employee> <Code>1.2.3</Code> <name>John</name> </Emplo...

EvaR in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Applying table cell widths to tables when rendering xml into word

I have an xml file that contains widths defined in <colgroup> element and contains varying colspans and rowspans in the table body. I am trying to...

mperemsky in Palm Harbor, Florida

Local Transform?

I am working on a project that does not allow external access. Is there a way to set up the transform in the xsl file so that it is all local? Can...

Priya9 in Auckland, New Zealand

Updated 104 months ago

Help on xsl choose - 2 Replies

Hi there I am having a problem using xsl choose statement. I have the code as follows. <!--<xsl:value-of select="New_Product"...

xml_looser in Wiesbaden, Germany

Updated 104 months ago

Getting xsl out of source and destination xml - 1 Reply

Hi, I want to write an xsl which converts following xml to dest xml: source: <?xml version = '1.0'?> <ROWSET> <ROW num="1"> ...

MONA in Melbourne, Australia

for-each grouping question

Hi iam tring to group data variable startHour and startMinute, see below, but iam not sur ehot to pass varavble to be sorted in for-each statment....

Dirkie Gertenbach in Johannesburg, South Africa

adding for "each xml element" to a 2col table in xsl

Hi, I'm working on a SAP portal, I need to know how to add a repeating element to a 2col table. For the first instance of the element it must...

Andy Ostler in Salt Lake City, Utah

xsl parent window

Right now I am trying to pass a value from a pop up window back to a form in xsl in the parent window, but for some reason it is doing nothing. I...

Sunil in Saint Paul, Minnesota

how to use sleep in xsl

I wanted my program to wait for 60 secs when in between transformation. how can we achieve this

Greg in Temple, Texas

XSL/XML project

I have a small XSL template that needs to be modified slightly but I do not have the knowledge without screwing it up. Is there anyone out there that...

Niall Carter in Rugby, United Kingdom

XSL output

Hi, I am a little new to XSl and am currently teaching myself with some good online tutorials. I am wanting to output an XML file although whenever...

Guillaume in Conselice, Italy

W3C validation problem with XSL

Hi all, I've been trying to get a web site compliant with W3C standards : http://www.blueface.ie/ I've been working on a development site, so...

Matt in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Add number line in new attributes

I wanna to add number lines in my code, for example: <CATALOG> <CD><TITLE>"Empire Burlesque"</TITLE> <ARTIST>Bob Dylan</ARTIST> <COUNTRY>U...

Betty Harvey in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Updated 116 months ago

XSL to transform XML - 1 Reply

Hi I'm a amateur when it comes to xsl. So any help will be appericiated I have this XML: <History> <ChangeDate>2008-03-07T17:34:02.88+02:00...

Itwihz in London, United Kingdom

Reference to undefined entity "&bull;"

Hi, Am running an xsl file to transform an xml document. The xml document has got &bull; in its content. I've also got the following in my xsl...

khawar in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Excude XML tags and data between tags

I am trying to exclude the following track changes tags and text between these tags. But I am able to exclude on the tags from the Xml file not the...

chandan in Toronto, Ontario

show all values in xsl query

What would be the xsl syntax for: If I pass a value(link select), then it will show only the specific values but, when I don’t pass any value...


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