Z/OS questions.

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Ryan Dimakabun-a

99 months ago


I need some help with a few questions about z/os. If anybody has some extra time to explain or answer some of my questions I would be greatfull!! Here they are below:

How do Identity and Authorization (I&A) support the C-I-A model of security? Include information on access control, resource protection, and user provisioning.

Describe the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical keys. Include a description of how each are used separately, and how both types of keys are used together, to provide security across unsecured networks.

Describe how the System z architecture provides security. Include information on process isolation and storage keys.

Describe how SAF and an External Security Manager work together to provide system security. Include what role each component plays, and how they interact with system components and applications.

Describe the C-I-A model of security. What are the three components of this model; why are they important to computer security; and how do they interact?

Where C-I-A means : Confidentiality – Integrity - Availability

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harrismeh9 in Littleton, Colorado

92 months ago

You probably have received this information before but the DOD has great STIGS for Z/OS. Also has a lot of info on implementing CIA. Most of your questions would be answered by googling the key words. No use me retyping all the info that is available.

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perumj1 in Madras, India

84 months ago


To get a answer for your question, i would recommend you to join the Racf-l community where you can get all your security related questions answered, but few of the easiest questions can be found in the IBM site.

Join : www.listserv.uga.edu

Good luck

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jcruz in Fremont, California

68 months ago

For other great software interview questions and answers, you can check out:


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