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Spanish Interpreter

Don't Even Bother Getting Certified

The truth is you don't need to. Certification is only necessary if you're going to actually work directly for or with the court system. If you plan...

250 2 days ago in Riverside, California
Respiratory Therapist

NBRC- RRT- Clinical Portion

Hey everyone, I am on the lookout for some help with attempting the RRT- Clinical portion offered by the NBRC. If there's anyone whose attempted...

200 2 days ago Passing the Sims in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Physical Therapy Assistant

Questions for Physical Therapist Assistants, please help me decide if this career is right for me.

I am trying to decide if I want to go into the PTA program. I am an LPN at the moment and am not entirely happy with my career choice. No matter...

326 2 days ago AnnaPTA in Colorado
Flight Attendant

Air Transat Hiring in Vancouver 2014

Hey there! I wanted to start a forum for people who applied to Air Transit in Vancouver. I know there are other forum but they seems to only have...

101 2 days ago rdgpineda in Surrey, British Columbia
Histology Technician

how to become a technician

I want to study for histology technician i don t know how and where to start can anyone show me a way thank you

80 2 days ago shalandar77, HT (ASCP eligible) in Lakewood, Washington
Pharmacy Technician

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book"

A lot of prospective pharmacy technicians don't know and they should know. That the national ptcb exam is a test similiar to the SAT/GED test....

745 2 days ago techsoon in California

Licensed medical esthetician

I have been an esthetician for about 3 years now and am ready to go to the next level and become a licensed medical esthetician. How do I go about...

262 2 days ago KyleElliott01 in Portland, Maine
Dental Hygienist

What states have the RDH jobs?

Really? Many here would like to know...or are they a needle in a haystack? I say , yes , that's the answer. The info. the schools gave you ,...

0 2 days ago exp in Massachusetts
Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA Liscence Exam

Hello, I just graduated from PTA school 3 weeks ago, my letter to test from the board will be here within a week. I got A's and B's during PTA...

744 2 days ago MOPTA in Plattsburg, Missouri
Ultrasound Technician

job share position available

I'm looking for someone to job share with in Chehalis Wa in a Clinic setting. I would like 1 day per week, leaving 4 days for anyone that is hired. ...

1 2 days ago in Placitas, New Mexico
Lead Clerk


What is the most important skills needed for clerk position ?

0 2 days ago YanaKotseva in Rossford, Ohio
Flight Attendant

Endeavor Airlines

So I don't know if anyone heard, but Pinnacle Airlines changed their name and address now hiring flight attendants. Do anyone have anymore...

231 2 days ago in Rockville, Maryland
Flight Attendant

Crewmember visa for foreign passport holder

Can anybody tell me how to go about obtaining a crewmember visa (I actually need 10). It's been very challenging getting through on the phone with...

14 2 days ago MyMy in Jersey City, New Jersey
Flight Attendant

Virgin America

Does anyone have any insight on Virgin America? This airline was suggested to me by a kind person on here and I went to their website to check them...

11360 2 days ago ap2000 in ft washington, Massachusetts
Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapy - a dying field?

I've seen this topic being touched on a little bit in other threads. I am having second thoughts on pursuing a career in Radiation Therapy. The...

170 2 days ago RadGuy79 in Tampa, Florida
Patient Care Technician

patient care tech and dialysis

i work at a hospital and I 've been trained as a clinical partner who does the same work as a patient Care Tech 9drawing blood and doing EKG's) is ...

522 2 days ago DC Tech in Washington, District of Columbia
Occupational Therapist


Hello i'm a student at Miami Dade College. I was a teacher student major and i change my mind and change my major to OT. I was wondering if was a...

188 2 days ago Atticus Finch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Pharmacy Technician

Sleeping pills user: will that prevent me from getting a job?

Just wondering, before I even go to technology school. I have used prescription sleeping pills (benzos) for 15 years or so. I am not an illicit drug...

0 2 days ago HenrietteM in Miami, Florida
Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Boom or bust?

98 2 days ago Atticus Finch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Occupational Therapist

The Best and Worst thing about Being an OT

Hi everyone. I'm a junior in college right now thinking about OT. At first, I wanted to be a PA but I concluded that it wasn't for me and I think...

295 2 days ago Atticus Finch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Surgical Assistant

Moving from NY to Atlanta?

Hello all, I'm a fmg (foreign medical graduate) who is looking to get certified as a surgical assistant by the end of the year. However, i've...

1 2 days ago steve
Physical Therapist

What do PTs do after 55?

Hey everyone... I am 41 years old and looking to transition from a software engineering career to PT. I've been working diligently for 3 years to get...

2 2 days ago Atticus Finch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Transportation Security Officer

Working hours for Transportation Security Officer

For everyone that is a Transportation Security Officer, how long did it take for you to get a schedule that had weekends off? When your first...

2541 2 days ago CC in Salem, New Hampshire
Food Service Director

What are typical food service director salaries?

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

3 3 days ago Lee in Erie, Pennsylvania
Food Service Director

What are the best food service director qualifications and training to get ahead?

What is the best training for becoming a food service director? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...

3 3 days ago Lee in Erie, Pennsylvania
Food Service Director

Getting a food service director job.

How did you get your start doing food service director work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

7 3 days ago Lee in Erie, Pennsylvania
Corrections Officer

CDCR November 2013 CO Applicants

I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion for November applicants. Here's my timeline: Applied - November 2013 Written - January...

6 3 days ago Oct 13 in Lancaster, California
Flight Attendant

Sun Country Airlines

I don't know much about this airline, but saw they are hiring flight attendants for MSP and applied. I do know they get good customer reviews so I'm...

439 3 days ago Flyguy89 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Freight Agent Broker

Freight Broker Agents FAQs

First off I am 3rd generation in the transportation industry. I have been a small fleet owner and also a freight broker. Let me try and give some...

74 3 days ago Celia Gutierrez in Miami, Florida

Starting out as a LPN

Hello everyone, I just graduated nursing school in March and am awaiting to take my boards but my concern is that there are not as many LPN positions...

483 3 days ago cy1560 in Glassboro, New Jersey
Corrections Officer

Nevada State Corrections

I passed the physical fitness test, and took the drug test and physch exam. I go a conditional offer of employment stating: It will take 10-16...

659 3 days ago N/A in Riverside, California
Occupational Therapist

passing the NBCOT exam

Hey, I am in the process of studying for the NBCOT exam. I am getting nervous because I seem to be getting a decent amount of the practice...

2235 3 days ago bryan jalando-on in manila, Philippines
Process Operator

Valero operator test

I was invited to test at valero in the houston/texas city area. I have a few questions. First, has anyone tested at valero and if so what is the use...

671 3 days ago Blessed123 in Houston, Texas
Network Engineer

why do you want to be a Network Engineer?

Give me a reason, Why did you choose a career in Network Engineering?

0 3 days ago Contr in Woodside, New York
Substitute Teacher

Show me the money...

51 3 days ago Serena in Hollywood, Florida
Medical Coder

ccs examination

How can I successfully pass CCS exam without having any experience in coding? Will studying on my own bring any success?

1185 3 days ago Mpontoo
Loss Prevention

Kohl's LP

I work for Kohls and have been there a long time, reaching the supervisor position and lead my district in external and internal apprehensions. I am...

91 3 days ago LP n La. in Covington, Louisiana

Looking to Showcase Stylists as Launch Partners for New Salon Booking iPhone App

I've recently released a new iPhone app called SalonDemand. It makes booking last minute appointments easy by allowing clients to reach out to...

0 3 days ago John in Walnut Creek, California
Physician Assistant

Shadowing in the Houston/Medical Center Area

Hi all! I am wondering if there is a Physician's Assistant in the Houston, Texas area that would allow me to shadow them. I am a current student,...

69 3 days ago Kales in Austin, Texas
Flight Attendant


need your experience people! I would like you to post me you knowledge about different Airlines Salary (US). Talking about Flight Pay and per...

44 3 days ago Flyboy62 in Somona co., California
Ultrasound Technician


Hi i failed my cci echo exam my score was 601 i have the practice exam cd from gulfcoast ultrasound i was doing good on that but when i took the cci...

2265 3 days ago Angie in Bronx, New York
Dental Assistant

moving to south Carolina

I have a Tx RDA certification and I want to move to south Carolina. How do I change my certification?

0 3 days ago Dorothy Branam in New Caney, Texas
Airline Flight Attendant

WestJet Encore Flight Attendant

Hi everyone! I just applied for WJ Encore - will keep you updated on process. Good luck to all!

236 4 days ago Cuthien in Montréal, Quebec



63 4 days ago ILPOTO in Providence, Rhode Island
Ultrasound Technician

ultrasound schools in toronto

can someone tell me some good ultrasound school in toronto

690 4 days ago Nada in Newmarket, Ontario
Manual Machinist

Are manual machinist job opportunities growing or declining?

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most manual machinist...

42 4 days ago Human Resources in Tomball, Texas
Diesel Mechanic

iveco engine identification

where are all the experts when you need one? i have an iveco daily 2.8 turbo that seems to have had an engine change at some point, parts are...

657 4 days ago Frank O in Douglas, Isle of Man
Clinical Research Associate

CRA Training - Schools in Canada?

Hi all, I recently became interested in clin research as a career. However I do not have the training or experience. Can anyone recommend...

1053 4 days ago Kavita in Toronto, Ontario
Medical Assistant

i can't find i job as medical assisntat help please

i have just recently graduated as a medical assistant a few months ago i can't find a job they always want medical assistants with experience i only...

89 4 days ago JOYFED in SEEKONK, Massachusetts

STUDY GUIDE that will make you pass state board!!!

Hi everyone send me your email and I will provide you with the ONLY study guide that will have 90% of the question on your state board...

670 4 days ago Lynn Beth in Gallatin, Tennessee

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