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Anyone else fail the CNA exam their first time?

So I studied for hours, prepared, practiced my skills for weeks and bombed the test today. I feel like an idiot. I passed handwashing, ROM exercises...

164 2 days ago Mark in Bronx, New York
Social Worker

Failed the LMSW exam 3-times. I am stuck!

I would say I am a competent social worker. I always receive positive feedback regarding my performance in previous work places. However, I have poor...

648 2 days ago Ann in Marquette, Michigan
Tow Truck Driver


I just got my Tow Truck endorsement on my license. However no one wants to hire me cuz of lack of experience. I don't mind attending non pay training...

0 2 days ago mason40777 in Huntington Station, New York
Freight Agent Broker

What is the best Software for Freight Brokers?

I have been shopping around for freight broker software, and im curious as to what people in the business recommend or think is the best software.

88 2 days ago Growth Broker in Plymouth, Michigan
Respiratory Therapist

Is Respiratory Therapy worth it?

I want to know is studying respiratory care going to be worth it in the end. Am i going to be able to make good money(upper middle class)? Is the job...

20 2 days ago sftballslh in Lincoln, Nebraska
Respiratory Therapist

current respiratory therapy student and i want out

I'm a second year student, finished all of my competencies, got one more semester and a summer left of classes and clinicals yet I DO NOT want to be...

19 2 days ago sftballslh in Lincoln, Nebraska
Pharmacy Technician

Register with Florida

Hi I just passed the PTCB exam and I was wondering what to do next. I read on the forums here to register with my state (FL). Where do I go to...

29 2 days ago Stephen in Valinhos, Brazil

STUDY GUIDE that will make you pass state board!!!

Hi everyone send me your email and I will provide you with the ONLY study guide that will have 90% of the question on your state board...

701 2 days ago anna in Orlando, Florida
Airline Flight Attendant

Air Canada Rouge Interview

Has anyone on here gotten the phone call from AC Rouge for the initial interview? Mine was last Tuesday, no email back yet on whether I bombed or not...

2761 2 days ago Greek gal in Pointe-claire, Quebec

Lies about pharmacist job market

Do not believe some of the lies being written here regarding lack of job opportunities for pharmacists. These liars are trying to scare people off...

860 2 days ago ddsrph in Tullahoma, Tennessee
Flight Attendant

Virgin America

Does anyone have any insight on Virgin America? This airline was suggested to me by a kind person on here and I went to their website to check them...

11421 2 days ago amcFly in North Carolina
Customer Service Representative

NEW FORUM/MESSAGE BOARD: Employment Depot You can have avatars. You can have signatures. You can edit your posts. You can make use of smilies. You...

0 2 days ago Suburban Girl in Illinois
Administrative Assistant

NEW FORUM/MESSAGE BOARD: Employment Depot You can have avatars. You can have signatures. You can edit your posts. You can make use of smilies. You...

0 2 days ago Suburban Girl in Illinois
Radiation Therapist

Is there any Radiation Therapists or people studying Radiation therapy out there?

I'm interested in studying radiation therapy or respiratory therapy. But I can't seem to find any Radiation therapists. I want to find out what's...

628 2 days ago gadlen in Berkeley, California
Medical Technologist

Preparing to take ASCP MT exam in three weeks time

Hi, I'm preparing to take the ASCP MT exam in three weeks time and I am freaking out. I am relying on passing this exam inorder to process an H1...

3051 2 days ago Newvillage13 in Bartlett, Illinois
Mortgage Loan Officer

What to check before buying new heavy equipment

With the numerous other businesses in Jakarta Indonesia, construction companies are achieving the status each day. It transpires due to its...

0 2 days ago spinelczerw in Ashburn, Virginia
Freight Agent Broker


I hope Scott Woods Weighs in on this! Could something such as a law passed by congress or anything a carrier can do allow carriers to deal with...

58 2 days ago comoes3 in Pflugerville, Texas
Ultrasound Technician

Associates in Ultrasound Tech

Are there any schools near Watertown that I coud go for my associates for ultrasound ? I have been looking, but it seems like my only choices are to...

0 2 days ago Koppy in New York
Flight Attendant

American Airlines: After Video Interview

How long is the wait after the video Interview? Completed app oct. 8, recieved Video Nov 3 and completed Video on Nov 7. People who made it they how...

2 2 days ago Mildred in Bronx, New York
Clinical Research Associate

I am a Senior CRA... How do I get into Project Management?

Hello everyone. So far, I've progressed into clinical research the typical way: -Nursing experience (1 year) -Bachelor of Science in life...

16 3 days ago maria
Veterinary Technician

Advancing as an RVT

I am at a cross road here. I am considering going through an RVT program. However, it seems like there is no room for advancement in the field....

0 3 days ago Stephanie0101 in San Jose, California
Flight Attendant

Return of Eastern Airlines~Calling all old Eastern Flight Attendants

Exciting News Legacy Carrier Eastern Airlines is coming back! Did you fly for Eastern if so we want to hear from you. Would you go back? Are you...

61 3 days ago Enrique Camblor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Transfering an Esthetics license

I have a Esthetician license for Ohio and may be relocating to Pennsylvania. Does anyone know if you can transfer a license? Ohio requires 600...

169 3 days ago Ashleyann0402 in Schumacher, Ontario
Occupational Therapist

Appealing NBCOT results

Has anyone ever successfully appealed exam results or know anyone that has? I have taken the exam twice now, the first time I failed by 3 minuscule...

0 3 days ago OT1990 in Stamford, Connecticut
Respiratory Therapist

looking to buy a used Lindsey Jones CRT/RRT materials....

Hi my fellow CRT/RRT students/professionals...I am glad to have found this link in need of help. I am looking to buy a used Lindsey Jones study...

84 3 days ago lilpapa in Dallas, Texas
Medical Coder

Good degree in Medical Billing and Coding

Hi. I am interested in looking into Billing and Coding degrees. What degree is good to have a better chance in getting a job. I am also planning to...

1 3 days ago Renee in Vandalia, Ohio
Insurance Agent

I want to start an independent insurance agency central Mississippi

I want to find independent agency in central Mississippi.I am not sure how to become appointed with carriers that write in Mississippi.Does anyone...

0 3 days ago James in Jackson, Mississippi
Dental Hygienist

Concorde Career College

Hello has anyone heard of Concorde Career College Dental Hygiene Program. It is a new program here in Memphis and I don't know what quality of...

506 3 days ago exp in Massachusetts
Airline Flight Attendant

United Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants

Once again, United Airlines (thru its CONTINENTAL subsidiary) has begun accepting online applications and resumés thru its website for FLIGHT...

678 3 days ago Minnies Fly Girl in Los Angeles, California
Medical Device Sales Representative

Medical Sales Representative

My boyfriend and I are recent college graduates from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has a degree in Psychology and I have a degree in...

79 3 days ago James Ruth in Mcdonough, Georgia
Truck Driver

trucking companies that will hire with a 1 year prior DUI

I am an OTR driver with 10 years experience. Does anybody know what reefer companies hire me with a 1 year prior DUI. Any and all info would be...

77 3 days ago river in New York, New York
Flight Attendant

Southwest Airline Flight Attendant Hiring 2014.

Hi Everyone, Southwest Airlines opened Flight Attendant Hiring 12/18/2013. I wanted to start a Fresh new forum for all of us so we can keep our...

3256 3 days ago Playing the waiting game in KS in Shawnee, Kansas
Medical Device Sales Representative

7 years of Animal Health sales experience - Will a RMSR certification help me get a job in Medical Device Sales?

I have 7 years’ experience in Animal Health Pharmaceuticals. I have multiple President's Circle awards. So I have a good sales performance...

19 3 days ago James Ruth in Mcdonough, Georgia

Alternative career options for physicians

Anyone disillusioned with traditional career paths for physicians or are you a foreigns graduate whos qualifications are not recognised? There are...

18 3 days ago singh in East Orange, New Jersey
Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapy - a dying field?

I've seen this topic being touched on a little bit in other threads. I am having second thoughts on pursuing a career in Radiation Therapy. The...

191 3 days ago lavender in Seattle, Washington
School Psychologist

School psychology as a career - pros and cons - please advise

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice or insight on the field of school psychology. I was interviewed for graduate school...

240 3 days ago sunny in Dallas, Texas
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Natural Medicines/nutraceutical sales

I have a bachelors of science in biochemistry, and have been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years. I know I have a passion for natural medicine,...

0 3 days ago Samara in Calgary, Alberta

What are typical optometrist salaries?

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

54 3 days ago koroush in Toronto, Ontario
Substitute Teacher

Attitudes from contracted teachers, and other school staff.

I often hear people say that it must be hard being a sub having to deal with kids' behaviors. Based on my experiences kids' behaviors are the least...

7 3 days ago beverlybal in Lake Mary, Florida
Airline Flight Attendant

Westjet - Flight attendant position - 2014

Anyone went to the interview on the 14th of August in YYZ ? Anynews so far ... rejection letter, offer letter ? Thanks and good luck all !!

29 3 days ago Toronto in Toronto, Ontario
Corrections Officer

Have ne questions, feel free to ask. I've been CO for cdcr for three years now.

Reading all of your guys comments, brings back memories when I went thru the process. Feel free to ask ne questions.

54 3 days ago Pyroshot88 in Los Angeles, California
Insurance Sales Representative

Tips for insurance sales representative interviews.

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming insurance sales representative interview? Are there common interview questions that come up...

5 3 days ago Christian Breaux in Florida, Florida
Medical Coder


I graduated 4 years ago and I just found the importance in getting my RHIA.I took the exam already a did not pass. Im not sure what I can do to pass...

580 3 days ago Shenequa97 in Arlington, Texas
Veterinary Technician

Is getting a Bachelor's degree for Vet Techs worth it?

Hi I am in highschool and have had to think about applying for colleges and career choices. I was thinking about becoming a Veterinary Technician....

0 3 days ago Regina in Hamburg, New Jersey
Radiation Therapist

Prospective Radiation Therapy Student- Quick Questoinaire

Hello. I am working toward an AA degree in Psychology and I have a project to look for jobs that I may be interested. If anyone in the field would be...

1 3 days ago lavender in Seattle, Washington
Nurse RN

Once you are a LPN can you become a RN how hard and is it worth it?

This is a question that i need to know can anyone please help me with this/

127 3 days ago Jeff in Malibu, California
Pharmacy Technician

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book"

A lot of prospective pharmacy technicians don't know and they should know. That the national ptcb exam is a test similiar to the SAT/GED test....

904 3 days ago Margaret Steinmetz
Home Health Aide


please email me where i can go to get training to become a home health aide or free training in cleveland ohio, my email

9 3 days ago Songhai22 in Cleveland, Ohio
Production Designer

prop fabricator

How does one get into the Prop Fabrication market. I've been searching for an opportunity as an apprentice, internship, anything and also contacted a...

0 3 days ago mario in Salt Lake City, Utah
Respiratory Therapist


I'm currently doing my clincals right now. I'm in my 8th week in my clincal site. So far, all the RT's there have been cool. Only thing that...

29 3 days ago RT in Denver, Colorado

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