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Flight Attendant

United Airlines 2015 Flight Attendant Candidates, and Interviewees

This is a new year, so here is a new forum- United Airlines 2015 Flight Attendant Candidates, and Interviewees. Just some simple guidelines-...

5178 2 days ago bbIvoryNyC in Bronx, New York
Radiologic Technologist

Jobs you can do with rad. tech degree?

Hi, i am thinking about getting an associates in radiology technology and I was wondering what a person who is actually in the field, what they say...

198 2 days ago Veronica in Chico, California
Customer Service Representative

McIntire Enterprises Inc - Schererville, IN - Not Customer Service Job it's Vaccuum Cleaner Sales!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you see a job posting for McIntire Enterprises Inc - Schererville, IN for Customer Service reps.. this is...

6 2 days ago Joseph in Illinois
Corrections Officer

Wardens Letter

Does anyone waiting for an academy have a wardens request?

10 2 days ago Summer22 in California
X Ray Technician

Don't get into the Radiologic or X-ray Technician Field

Don't believe all this hype about so many jobs for Radiologic Technicians. It is propaganda perpetrated by the X-ray Technician and Radiologic...

6 2 days ago tbooie in Herndon, Virginia
Ultrasound Technician

ardms exam

i pass my physics exam the frist time ,i fail my abd exam last month and i am very depressed any body have any suggestion?i did study esp very well...

3947 2 days ago shawn in Houston, Texas
Ultrasound Technician

Hate Being A Sonographer

I am a newly employed tech and absolutely hate it. The responsibility is overwhelming for me and I have so much anxiety every time I have to go into...

67 2 days ago James Eroche, RDMS, RVT in Houma, Louisiana
Social Worker

How am I suppose to get supervision hours for my LCSW (husband is military and I want a VA job)

ANy information from you LCSW's out there would be VERY much appreicated. I completed my Masters in Social Work and I did take all the clinical...

13 2 days ago Cyndi in Clarksville, Indiana
Freight Agent Broker

I am A Trucker Wife looking to become an At Home Freight Broker Agent

Hello, I am looking to become a Freight Broker Agent from home. My husband is an owner operator at a company and I spend most of my day booking...

77 2 days ago Remeka Taylor-Nash in Tampa, Florida
Flight Attendant

Delta Flight Attendant Face to Face Interview 2013

Hello everyone, I think that each one of us should post something about ourselves on here. First I should congratulate each one of us for getting...

1869 2 days ago Questions in Norcross, Georgia
Corrections Officer

How long does the whole process take?

I live and applied to work in MD DOC for the county though, I passed my exam and turned in my investigation packet about 2 weeks ago and I was...

1048 2 days ago Ray371170 in Dobbs Ferry, New York
Corrections Officer

Written exam 09/13/2016

Hello everyone, I took my written exam 09/13/2016 in Rancho Cucomonga, just figured I'd start a thread for those of us who did so we can...

1 2 days ago Djon21 in Los Angeles, California
Corrections Officer

CDCR May 2016 Academy

For those that are still waiting to receive an offer, please list the date you cleared and score. Cleared 10/26/15 Score 75

1461 3 days ago AllThingsArePossible in Santa Cruz, California
Flight Attendant

Jet Blue Airport Operations Crew (Ticket Agents)

To apply for this position on Jet Blue go to create a profile and apply for the position open in your city. Check daily to...

865 3 days ago Flycouponchick in Tampa, Florida
Flight Attendant


does anyone know when skywest has their training dates? i had an interview with them the other day and am still waiting to hear from them. the...

10599 3 days ago Cbullard in Denver, Colorado
Airline Flight Attendant

Air Canada Rouge Interview

Has anyone on here gotten the phone call from AC Rouge for the initial interview? Mine was last Tuesday, no email back yet on whether I bombed or not...

4851 3 days ago TeeG95 in Toronto, Ontario
Process Technician

Ptech questions??!

Hello! I am a female process technology student in Louisiana. My current assignment is to interview someone already working in the field or recently...

2 3 days ago Bdrummond09 in Lake Charles, Louisiana
Corrections Officer

Nevada State Corrections

I passed the physical fitness test, and took the drug test and physch exam. I go a conditional offer of employment stating: It will take 10-16...

725 3 days ago lvcst in Kodak, Tennessee
Occupational Therapist


Okay, I know this has been posted a million times, but I need some opinions about my situation!! I am graduating in May with a Child and Family...

13 3 days ago lshemone in Augusta, Georgia

Achieve Test Prep

Does anyone have anything good to say about going from LPN to RN thru achieve test prep..I spoke with a rep and the program seems like it would work...

201 3 days ago Lmjsierra in Denver, Colorado
Medical Billing Specialist

Home based Medical Billing

I am single mom that wants to spend more time with my kids. I work to pay daycare and well want to do something from work but don't know how or where...

195 3 days ago Tammy Harlan in Johnson City, Tennessee
Freight Agent Broker

Things you must know before enrolling into Freight Broker Training.

Hello Indeed Community, I know there are many of you who have considered freight brokering as a career, and I am sure it can seem quite difficult...

332 3 days ago Shirley in Florida
Sports Marketer

Professional Basketball Training

HUSTLE HARD ATHLETICS Presented by Professional basketball star Latara Darrett whose Overseas career has spanned across Europe. Coach Tara was an...

0 3 days ago Coach Tara in Rancho Cucamonga, California
Sports Promoter

Professional Basketball training

HUSTLE HARD ATHLETICS Presented by Professional basketball star Latara Darrett whose Overseas career has spanned across Europe. Coach Tara was an...

0 3 days ago Coach Tara in Rancho Cucamonga, California
Phlebotomy Services Representative

Does the certification transfer to other states?

I will be moving to Colorado soon and was wondering if I was to get certified in Ohio will that transfer to Colorado?

16 3 days ago barinderdeol11@*****.*** in Stockton, California
Veterinary Technician

Salaries for certified vet tech in Florida???

Trying to find info online about it. I have been a licensed veterinary technician in New York (and certified in Florida) for 15 years and am making...

0 3 days ago Nitefeatherz in Hernando, Florida
Health Educator

Health promotions degree

Hi guys, i graduate in 2013 and am afraid this degree will be useless in terms of getting a job. i did a job search and not many jobs are looking for...

14 3 days ago Lauren S. in San Diego, California
Corrections Officer

CDCR August 2016 Academy

I believe all the July offers are sent out and accepted. So let's hope for August!

1423 3 days ago sanders2015 in Brookings, Oregon

Does it worth it to move to Alberta for a welding job? Considering the rent is so expensive there?

I am a welder with 2 years exp. I am considering taking a High Pressure welding course so I can get a good job in Alberta, but THEN my friend advice...

478 3 days ago mark daly in Markstay, Ontario
Airline Flight Attendant

Better Airline to Start FA Career: Air Canada vs. WestJet

Hi everyone! If given a choice to start your flight attendant career (50+ years), which mainline would you choose and why? (Better seniority...

1 3 days ago Backtoflying in Toronto, Ontario
Freight Agent Broker

Freight Broker

Hi my insterest in becoming a freight broker can anyone help me my email address is my very first time on here so I'm not...

1 3 days ago Hardcore logistics in California

How do I get more business as a Mobile Phelbotomist/Mobile Examiner (Insurance Examiner)

517 3 days ago crystal in Griffin, Georgia
Occupational Therapy Assistant

COTA online programs/bridge programs for full time working adults?

Hi! Hope everyone is well. I am a year of college with a BA in Psychology/Sociology and with a full time job. I am very interested in getting my...

38 3 days ago Shelly in Chicago, Illinois
Car Hauler

N Thinking about getting in the business

I have a guy that is ready to sell me his 3/4 car hauler and his 2001 dodge 3500 for 17.000. All the equipment is in very good shape. i had a guy...

15 3 days ago Cedy in Orlando, Florida
Bus Driver

bus driver

I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to get into bus driving.I have no experience driving a bus but i have a class A cdl. I...

19 3 days ago RDTONTHEMOVE in Charlotte, North Carolina
Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Care Practitioner TEXAS

Does anyone know how long it will take for the state to process a new license through the Texas Medical Board? This is the only step holding me back...

19 3 days ago RRT TYLER MENDOZA in Fontana, California
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Best industries to get sales experience for future pharma sales job?

I'm a recent grad with a BS in chemical engineering. I want to get into pharma sales as soon as I can, but I realize that I'm going to need some...

0 3 days ago yoda in Sewell, New Jersey
Medical Technologist

Have you had issues with California Laboratory Field Services (LFS)?

I'm looking for people who have encountered issues obtaining CLS or limited CLS licensing in California. Specifically, tell me Laboratory Field...

8 3 days ago calla_lily in San Diego, California
Medical Coder

Advice from RN medical coders

I am thinking of taking a medical coding course and have spent weeks reading various coding forums. The consensus of opinion is that even if you are...

135 3 days ago DougP in Las Vegas, Nevada
Administrative Assistant

Looking for a job in Healthcare Administration

I am currently going to school for my Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration. I have no experience in Administration work but I am a fast learner. I...

21 3 days ago Wtdal14 in Dallas, Texas
Medical Technologist

Anybody knows CSUDH CLS program?

I am checking CSUDH CLS program. I got a little confused. Can I only apply for the one year clinical part? Or I have to take the pre-clinical part...

12 3 days ago Minkiteer85 in Garden Grove, California
Occupational Therapist

OT vs. RN

What do you think is a better career option?

149 3 days ago dboyz0123 in Youngstown, Ohio
Pharmacy Technician

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book"

A lot of prospective pharmacy technicians don't know and they should know. That the national ptcb exam is a test similiar to the SAT/GED test....

1299 4 days ago Jennifer Rosales in Elizabeth, New Jersey
Respiratory Therapist

Doing well on the new NBRC board exams as from January 2015

I am sure everyone now knows as from January 2015, the NBRC CRT and RRT board exams would be replaced by a new test called Therapist Multiple Choice...

259 4 days ago Christene Mackey

Expert Advice on how to become a hair stylist at a high end salon.

If you are wondering on how to be successful as a hair stylist at a high end salon, I would suggest listening to the podcast provided in the link...

0 4 days ago College Alternative in Sierra Vista, Arizona
Surgical Technician

Has anyone taken the certification test?

I am going to be taken the certification test soon, I dont know what book to get to study from, and I was wondering what kind of questions are on...

150 4 days ago Ashley in Lyndhurst, New Jersey
Massage Therapist

When people ask you to work, outside of work, for no compensation

I've been a therapist for over 9 years. I still get people asking me to give them back rubs. At bars, at coffee shops, at parties. And still quite...

1 4 days ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss

Lies about pharmacist job market

Do not believe some of the lies being written here regarding lack of job opportunities for pharmacists. These liars are trying to scare people off...

1522 4 days ago ddsrph in Manchester, Tennessee
Ultrasound Technician

Sonography classes

I want to learn how to be a sonography tech. I'm too old for med. school, is there a place in Indiana where I can got to school for that?

1 4 days ago Karry in Massachusetts
Massage Therapist

Nature of work as a RMT

It seems like most jobs in the industry are gig/contract/self employed/entrepreneurial in nature. Would this mean that massage would be best left as...

1 4 days ago Swirls in Texas

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