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846 3 days ago Teresa Pyle in Tinley Park, Illinois
Speech Language Pathologist

Can anyone walk me through process

Hello, I have been floundering around with what I want to do for quite awhile now. I am currently 39 years old, and have always gone back to the...

2 3 days ago Kelly in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Makeup Artist

Internships for aspiring makeup artist in Baltimore,MD

HEY, I'm trying to up my skills and i'm trying to get in the makeup business (my dream career!), being as though I really can't afford school for...

2 3 days ago Monet Bradley in Baltimore, Maryland
Respiratory Therapist

RTs with a master's degree

I'm going to be starting RT school this fall, and I'm interested in hearing from some current RTs. I graduated from UGA in December 2011 with a...

15 3 days ago shawn in Everett, Washington
Certified Nursing Assistant



478 3 days ago ty
Corrections Officer

Background check

Hey guys I hope someone can answer me. Can the background check see a 5150 I acquired when I was an adolescent. I was 16 and very immature at the...

4 3 days ago Jeremy in Kansas City, Missouri
Echo Technician

Anyone recently take the Adult Echo (RDCS) test?

I'm taking it in 6 weeks and appreciate any advice. After I take it , pass or fail, I will post everything I can remember asap!

139 3 days ago Alishah Khan in London, Ontario
Occupational Therapist

Advice needed: can you do anything else with an MSOT degree besides hands on OT?

I have finished my OT program and will be taking my exam shortly. Now that I'm nearing actually working in the profession, I realize that I don't...

2 3 days ago Daniellla in Brooklyn, New York
Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Tech online school

Hi, I am interested in becoming a Pharmacy Tech and would like to study online. Could anybody please recommend a good school, I don't want to...

532 3 days ago April Brown PharmD in Fort Myers, Florida
Personal Banker

Got hired @ Chase, worried about background check - need your input

I'm hired for the PB position at Chase pending the background check. Here are the 2 things that concern me: 1) I stretched a bit about my length...

57 3 days ago Kim in Katy, Texas
Youth Worker

opening a group home

my wife and i have been working with @ risk youth for about 10 years and desire to open a group home of our own.we would appreciate any information...

53 3 days ago angelica soliz in Bakersfield, California
Respiratory Therapist

Starting the Program Need Advice

Hi guys i just got accepted into the program and i need advice on everything related to RT. Pros and Cons.Can i work and still go to school?

1 3 days ago ebusinessatyahoodotcom in Houston, Texas
Flight Attendant

Republic Airlines

Anyone going to the Republic Airlines open house on July 23, 2014 in Dallas, TX? I'm looking for someone Fort Worth who is willing to car pool and...

1 3 days ago cubsfan in Largo, Florida

electrician and lineman work in Australia

Anybody with either or both electrician or lineman qualifications would find work in most mines underground or open cut. Average wage for twelve hour...

925 3 days ago john in Narellan, Australia
Corrections Officer

cdcr 2014 applicants

I want to know 2014 cdcr applicants process so far. Is it going smoothly for you guys. Heres my process: March 27th,2014 Application...

14 3 days ago Ryan in Roseville, California
Respiratory Therapist

Kettering CPFT or RPFT

Has anyone purchased both the CPFT and the RPFT books and discs from Kettering? When I got the CRT books and disks 2 yrs ago, they were very similar...

61 3 days ago MJ in Washington, District of Columbia
Bank Teller

Hiring Process at Chase Bank

I applied online using the chase careers section. A few days later I got a call (that I missed) from a chase recruiter saying to call them back. I...

24 3 days ago Mnewton891 in Houston, Texas
Ultrasound Technician

Do you always need an associate's degree first?

I've been considering becoming an ultrasound tech but every program I've looked into said you need an associate's degree in a health science before...

1 3 days ago Karry in Massachusetts
Nurse RN

Board ordered nurse

I am a RN and have recently recieved a Board order from the Board of Nurses stating i must work under the supervision of another RN dosent have to be...

923 3 days ago Kathy Turkaly in Bronx, New York
Medical Coder

Advice on career change to HIM!

I recently graduated with a degree in finance, but decided that I would like to enter into the HIM field instead. I've researched some...

0 3 days ago TealSky in Chicago, Illinois
Corrections Officer

Corrections written test

Hi guys I recently took the correctional officer written test. My questions is how long does it take to get back results to see if you passed? They...

32 3 days ago autoxM3 in Bakersfield, California
Medical Technologist

Medical Technologist - CSMLS certification

Hello I am just wondering if there is anyone preparing for CSMLS certification exam on this forum?

1068 3 days ago Feni in Orillia, Ontario
Veterinary Technician

vet tech career & continuing education

Okay so I was in a 4 year university studying animal science to become a vet, but I'm being held back because of my math grades preventing me to...

1 3 days ago CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas
Medical Coder

Ahima Coding Basics Program Completion time

I was just curious if anyone here has went through the AHIMA Coding Basics program, and if so how long did it take you to complete? I know it gives...

0 3 days ago momof5sobusy in San Antonio, Texas
Respiratory Therapist

NBRC ruined my life- plese help!

Hi, I am a former RRT, having just lost my credentials and my job because of the new NBRC CEU program/laws. I graduated with honors in my RRT...

311 3 days ago Craig in Dallas, Texas

Post baccalaureate Paralegal Certification Programs

I'm looking for opinions of online Paralegal Certification programs. I already hold a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Texas and within my...

0 3 days ago Rita in Richmond Hill, Georgia
Truck Driver

Truck driving

My boyfriend had a past. He has a felony drug charge that is about 12 years old. He is looking to go to truck driving school in September and start...

0 3 days ago Mnwollet in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Journeyman Lineman

Linesman Jobs USA & Canada for Australian Qualified Linesman

Hi, I am a South African qualified electrician with an Australian electrical licence endorsed distribution linesman as well as a Cert3 in powerline...

5 3 days ago HireMeCanada in Toronto, Ontario

Newly Licensed Cosmetologist wanting to throw in the towel. Help!

I just got my California Cosmetology license June 13th 2011; I’m now starting to realize how it is starting out. My school didn’t teach me anything,...

41 3 days ago Lea in Milford, Connecticut
Flight Attendant

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview

HORIZON AIRLINES BENEFITS -100% paid benefits for the flight attendant (medical, dental, etc.), inexpensive benefits for the family if you wish...

738 4 days ago rf12345 in Eugene, Oregon
Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Alberta, Yes or No? Please help me out!

Hi everyone, I am applying for the University of Alberta's Diploma in Dental Hygiene program this year. I like the profession and think it will...

1 4 days ago exp in Massachusetts
Medical Technologist

I failed the ASCP exam

I was shocked. I have been training for three years and I took a few months off after graduating to study 6 hours a day 5 days a week for the exam...

54 4 days ago benny in Lancaster, California
Occupational Therapist

I need a study partner for nbcot exam

Please let me know if anyone is interested to study with me for this exam.... Thank you....

0 4 days ago lully in Stockbridge, Georgia
Occupational Therapist

I am looking to form a study group or find a study partner for the NBCOT exam!

I graduated a few years ago and have a masters degree in occupational therapy. Unfortunately, I have taken the national boards exam 5 times and have...

47 4 days ago lully in Stockbridge, Georgia
Travel Agent

Looking for a host agency

Hi All, Can someone recommend a host agency? I am building a website that will allow users to book their airfare, hotel, car, etc online. I need...

104 4 days ago Kim in Covington, Georgia
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

NAPSRx Certification Manuals- WANT TO BUY!!!!!!!!

I would like to buy the NAPSRx cetficiation manuals but would like to buy them cheaper than website offers...anyone willing to sell their used books?...

50 4 days ago Kathy in Joplin, Missouri

overseas electrician jobs

I am looking for information on well paying electrician jobs overseas or nationwide.I am a licensed contractor as well as a certified commercial...

2802 4 days ago Md Akbar Jahan Azad in Singapore, Singapore
Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant in Orlando Fla

I'm moving to Orlando fla from baltimore md and I'm looking for a Cna training that will help me get a job

1 4 days ago kat in Chickasha, Oklahoma


work hard, always early, likes to make people happy, loves to learn and train to further my careers at any jobs I worked keeps work area neat,likes...

17 4 days ago popcorngirl1965 in Brunswick, Georgia
Pharmacy Technician

Questions Regarding the PTCB Exam

I am currently studying for my PTCB Exam and I'm pretty much done with everything other than learning the "Top 200 Drugs". I'm having a hard time...

9 4 days ago Lexiyaz in Orange, Texas
Ultrasound Technician

Sacramento Ultrasound Institute

Hello I have my mind set on becoming a sonographer however there are no accredited CAAHEP schools within 75miles of me in Sacramento, and I am...

7 4 days ago Karry in Massachusetts
Grant Writer

Just starting out

Hi All I am new to grant writing as a full time profession. I have written educational grants for years, but now I am trying to do this full...

0 4 days ago J. Garrett in Pleasantville, New York
Physical Therapy Assistant

Is physical therapy assistant a good career?

I have a bachelor's degree in business and have been working in my field for the last 8 years. After some self-evaluation, I realized that I really...

3 4 days ago homosassa girl in Homosassa, Florida
Flight Attendant

Jet Blue Airport Operations Crew (Ticket Agents)

To apply for this position on Jet Blue go to create a profile and apply for the position open in your city. Check daily to...

261 4 days ago Jburgos in East Hartford, Connecticut

Working in 2 salons at a time

I have my stylist license in a hair salon. I want to work also part-time in a barbershop as a barber. I was told you can't work in 2 different...

3 4 days ago kamy in Hollywood, Florida
Social Worker

What should I major in?

I am currently going to a community college but I want to become a social worker and help others. I plan to transfer to a four year university in...

4 4 days ago puzzled in Newton, North Carolina
Respiratory Therapist

NBRC- RRT- Clinical Portion

Hey everyone, I am on the lookout for some help with attempting the RRT- Clinical portion offered by the NBRC. If there's anyone whose attempted...

222 4 days ago mona in Antioch, California
Social Worker

Finding a job in USA

Dear everyone, how are you guys going...I'm a Singaporean Indian currently finishing up my MSW degree in Australia and was wondering whether I could...

2 4 days ago MSW in May 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

Anyone else fail the CNA exam their first time?

So I studied for hours, prepared, practiced my skills for weeks and bombed the test today. I feel like an idiot. I passed handwashing, ROM exercises...

163 4 days ago bribi in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Social Worker

MSW graduate - Seeking a job that provides livable income

Greetings all, I am a MSW graduate, and have worked in the field making around $30,000. I found it very difficult to survive on that income. My...

2 4 days ago MSW in May 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

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