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Massage Therapist

Getting new clients

Hey all ... we're about to launch a free promo for LMT's. You'll be able to marry your name or business name with our world-famous trademark for...

0 3 days ago agonyofdafeet in California
HVAC Technician

Career Change to HVAC without experience

I'm looking to change careers and enter HVAC industry. I'm currently in school to get certification but I would like to work in the field while...

44 3 days ago Miguel Olid in Bell, California
Flight Attendant

Endeavor Airlines

So I don't know if anyone heard, but Pinnacle Airlines changed their name and address now hiring flight attendants. Do anyone have anymore...

813 3 days ago flyingblueskies in west palm beach, Florida
Occupational Therapist

Working In Australia from the US

Hello, I'm hoping some OT's can give me some insight on working in the field in Australia, particularly any who may have gotten their degree in...

5 3 days ago jenh in Birmingham, Alabama

Seamstress available to make Clothes and Home Decor items for your personnal use or to create your own Line of Clothes, I

Hi I'm The Designer I can Design and Sew for you I can ship anywhere in the USA Please feel free to e'mail me at or call me...

1 3 days ago Valencia Sweet in Tallahassee, Florida
Flight Attendant

Mesa Airlines

Is there anyone out there who works as a flight attendant for Mesa? I hear so much negative conversation about them and the way they treat their...

7211 3 days ago Born2flyy90 H in Baltimore, Maryland
Flight Attendant

PSA airline

I was invited to training for the Febuary class, I recieved a phone call from them a couple of days ago saying that they needed to move me to the...

2133 3 days ago misstailwinds in Dallas, Texas

Master's in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture

I wanted to get opinions on returning to school in this economy for MSOM degree. I believe in the industry, but it would be a large investment and no...

1 3 days ago lck in Flemington, New Jersey
Surgical Technician

Surgical technology

I was employed as a surgical technologist at well known hospital however left to work for a surgical center before completing a full two years. In...

0 3 days ago jape200 in Trenton, New Jersey
Nurse RN

Nursing Specializations

Hi, I am 25, and have a BS degree in Psychology, but I am interested in going back to school to be a nurse. I know it will be difficult because I...

0 3 days ago LifeLoveLaughs in Columbia, Maryland
Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendants 2015....Posted 9/30/2014 and 2015 postings

This is new forum for American Airlines Flight Attendant Applicants who will be in AA uniform in 2015 and Flying representing the World's largest...

5467 3 days ago LAX in los angeles, California
Physical Therapy Assistant

Advice about preparing for the board exam

I'm considering taking the board exam in April, but am somewhat concerned about being able to properly prepare for it because I'll be on a clinical...

96 3 days ago nicole in Lees Summit, Missouri
Freight Agent Broker

What is the best Software for Freight Brokers?

I have been shopping around for freight broker software, and im curious as to what people in the business recommend or think is the best software.

122 4 days ago Arcline in Innisfil, Ontario
Special Education Teacher

future of special education

Hi-I just started school and am working towards receiving my certification in special education. I have heard from a teacher's aide in my area that...

12 4 days ago Kimberly jones in La Vergne, Tennessee
Truck Driver

Which Companies do NOT do hair tests?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... "if you have to ask, don't get in a truck". The problem with that old line is that you're assuming I'm an addict, or are...

49 4 days ago DouglasD384 in Mount Vernon, Illinois
Ultrasound Technician

Sonography for the squimish?

Hello, I am 24 years old and struggling to find a career field to get into that will secure a good future for myself. I know that medical fields are...

2 4 days ago Pennyless in Denver, Colorado

Tips for dishwasher interviews.

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming dishwasher interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

14 4 days ago User in Jamaica, New York
Dental Hygienist

NERB Local Anesthesia Exam

I am a licensed hygienist that is in the process of applying to take the NERB LA exam and I was wondering if anyone has any pointers on what to focus...

1012 4 days ago melbowen in New Baltimore, Michigan
Massage Therapist

Studying for MBLEx

I graduated from the massage therapy program at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis earlier this month, and have just moved to Oregon, where state...

747 4 days ago Jake T in Downey, California

National Esthetics Instructor available for your teaching needs.

I am a freelance nationwide esthetic instructor. I am currently working with Sanita's and Epilfree teaching workshops and would love to add more...

0 4 days ago missmaxie79 in Englewood, Colorado
Process Operator

Valero operator test

I was invited to test at valero in the houston/texas city area. I have a few questions. First, has anyone tested at valero and if so what is the use...

2022 4 days ago 83 in Houston, Texas
Speech Language Pathologist

How do you become a Speech and Language Pathologist

I live in SanAntonio area and I am interested in becoming a Speech and Language Pathologist, I have a B.A. in Sociology and a teaching certification...

69 4 days ago Amy in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
Nurse LVN

New LVN Grads...where to work?!?!?! NO EXPERIENCE

I am a newly licensed LVN with CPR certifications, IV therapy and blood withdrawal certified as well. Been searching for a job for months now and...

49 4 days ago Jahaan Jones in Victorville, California
Medical Coder

ccs examination

How can I successfully pass CCS exam without having any experience in coding? Will studying on my own bring any success?

1512 4 days ago Jeanette in Greenville, North Carolina
Flight Attendant

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin?

Any word on this airlines? How is to work with them and payment?

29699 4 days ago flyguywestend2 in Fenton, Missouri
Occupational Therapist

OT salary in miami

Anyone knows how much can an OT earn per hour working at a SNF setting in Miami as a new grad? Thanks

0 4 days ago OTgirl25 in Tampa, Florida
CNC Machinist

CNC Machinist looking for work in South Central Kentucky

Recently graduated with Associates degree in Computerized Manufacturing and Machining, skilled with manual machining can produce parts in tolerance...

0 4 days ago Cwillis in Russell Springs, Kentucky
Truck Driver

Werner enterprises start Hair Folicle drug test

It's official. Werner enterprises started hair folicle drug testing since January, 2016. Their recruiters dont tell you that.

1 4 days ago Scoobyutm in Atlanta, Georgia
Occupational Therapist

I am looking to form a study group or find a study partner for the NBCOT exam!

I graduated a few years ago and have a masters degree in occupational therapy. Unfortunately, I have taken the national boards exam 5 times and have...

71 4 days ago Kaylamandel@*****.*** in Toledo, Ohio
Flight Attendant

Hedis Coordinator

My search continues, Yesterday i went to my second interview, for a data analysis position and the waiting is driving me nuts. I took the...

0 4 days ago jessica in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Corrections Officer


For those of you that have gone through the process already, how did they drug test you and how many times?? Was it just a urine drug test or was it...

17 5 days ago Gymrat93 in Valparaiso, Indiana

electrician and lineman work in Australia

Anybody with either or both electrician or lineman qualifications would find work in most mines underground or open cut. Average wage for twelve hour...

941 5 days ago graham in Glenrothes, United Kingdom
Flight Attendant

I am a 47, fit, multilingual, customer-oriented female based in New York. Could I still apply to become a flight attendant?

I am worried about age discrimination. Which airlines should I apply for? Thank you for your information!

1 5 days ago lindabyvettetravels in washingtn, District of Columbia
MRI Technologist

Has anyone used the MIC registry review for MRI?

I originally used MRI in Practice which is somewhat overwhelming with all the info it has. I came across MIC and their "pass guarantee" so I went for...

26 5 days ago TyFit in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

What do you enjoy most about your cytotechnologist career?

What do you enjoy most about being a cytotechnologist? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and...

115 5 days ago They read it in Westborough, Massachusetts
Medical Technologist

AAB Board of Registry Exam

Has anyone here taken the AAB MT exam lately? I am in the process of studying and was curious about material covered and difficulty. Thanks

225 5 days ago rakesh in Brampton, Ontario
Flight Attendant

air wisconsin trainging school

hello out there, i was just hired as a flight attdendant for awac airlines.i was wondering if anyone can suggest anything i can study in advance for...

2261 5 days ago srw1954 in jacksonville, Florida

Can you work as a hairstylist with a barber license?

Also can ou rent a booth in a salon after graduating from beauty schol?

8 5 days ago Barber stylist in Sumrall, Mississippi
Nurse RN

Foreign applicants to become RN

I am writing this on behalf of a friend. She is a perioperative registered nurse in Vietnam. What are the specific steps to become an RN in...

66 5 days ago Miriam in Granada Hills, California

AWAI's course

I would like to know is AWAI's course a good course to invest in if someone want's to start out a career in copywriting. It cost's $457.00. I have...

48 5 days ago Lubed Up Larry in Indian Trail, North Carolina

Quit Job to go to Cosmetology School?

Hi, I'm 27 years old, and currently work a boring desk job. I make a decent salary, which holds me back from leaving. I have an MBA and BS in...

158 5 days ago Janice in Newark, New Jersey
Automotive Mechanic

Starting out Entry level Mechanic

I just graduated from auto mechanic shool and is finding out that most shops want 5 or more yrs of experience. Where is the best place that I can get...

4 5 days ago Jeff Slogy in Salem, Oregon
Echo Technician

Are echo technician job opportunities growing or declining?

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most echo technician...

170 5 days ago Echo school-bound in Dyer, Indiana
Nursing Home Administrator

How to locate nursing homes that offer AIT positions

I have recently completed my degree in Healthcare Administration. I need to get my foot in the door and was informed that an AIT is the best and...

35 5 days ago Jack in Romeoville, Illinois
Satellite Installer

Show me the money...

263 5 days ago Your momma in Texas
Occupational Therapist

Home health cons and pros, salary in southwest fl

Hello :) Im interested in working in HH but i have a few questions in regards to salary. I know most HH agencies pay you per visit ( usually more...

0 5 days ago OTgirl25 in Tampa, Florida
Occupational Therapist

Show me the money...

83 5 days ago OTgirl25 in Tampa, Florida
Biomedical Technician

Biomedical Technician Training

Can anyone comment on the Biomedical Tecnichian field? Is it growing, in demand? I am 59 and looking to change careers. I have always enjoyed...

78 5 days ago moore in Raleigh, North Carolina
Flight Attendant


Hi guys !!! So the Giant is hiring again! Apps just reopened a couple of days ago and I am so stoked to get the chance to apply! When I realized now...

2170 5 days ago retireddeltafa in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Occupational Therapist

2nd grade teacher considering OT...

I am a first year 2nd grade teacher who is realizing that teaching, while often rewarding, is not really for me. I have to admit I didn't really know...

6 5 days ago Jenn in Oshawa, Ontario

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