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Truck Driver

have cdl license class a but no experience

went and payed thousands of dollars for school but cant get job.

157 7 days ago Victor with On Time Express in Ontario, California
Medical Technologist

AAB Board of Registry Exam

Has anyone here taken the AAB MT exam lately? I am in the process of studying and was curious about material covered and difficulty. Thanks

250 7 days ago sheila_edos in Middle River, Maryland
Truck Driver

Anyone looking for jobs? Class A CDL drivers

I have jobs...plenty...OTR, Regional, Dedicated, some local. New Drivers, Students, Seasoned and Refreshers. Flatbed, Dry Van, Refrigerated,...

6 7 days ago Victor with On Time Express in Ontario, California
Nurse RN

Refresher Courses

Hi everyone: A client of mine has been a RN, & resides in NYC & is searching for Register Nurse Refresher Courses. My client has been inactive &...

374 7 days ago Lin in Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Respiratory Therapist

Doing well on the new NBRC board exams as from January 2015

I am sure everyone now knows as from January 2015, the NBRC CRT and RRT board exams would be replaced by a new test called Therapist Multiple Choice...

496 7 days ago Yari_93@*****.*** in Riverside, California
Insurance Agent

Currently tele-sales ... working from home ... better options out there?

Hi folks, I'm currently an agent with a large insurance carrier selling life insurance, tele-sales over the phone. Obviously, this arrangement...

32 7 days ago Bruce in Shawnee, Kansas
Process Operator

Total - Port Arthur, TX Process Op.

Good evening All, Has anyone gone through or currently going through the hiring process for Total Petrochemical? I passed the pre-employment test...

32 7 days ago timdo409 in Port Arthur, Texas
Dental Assistant

Little tips and tricks to be the best

Hi I was hoping other dental assistants would share with me. What do you do that sets you apart from other assistants? or saves time? keeps your...

93 7 days ago steph in Garden Grove, California
Customer Service Representative

customer services

I have put i so many appications for this postion and all they can say is you do not have the background how much background do you need when you...

7 7 days ago Alexis in Portland, Oregon
Dental Hygienist

Getting into a Dental Assistant program & then becoming a Dental Hygienist?

I'm thinking about going to this School called First Institute they Offer a 11 month Dental Assistant Program, After I were to graduate from their I...

10 7 days ago Tati in Miami, Florida

What is your advice on finding an accounting job for a new grad?

I recently graduated but cant seem to find a job in this town...i have looked online for jobs but everyone needs experiene...even entry level jobs...

25 7 days ago NM in Surrey, British Columbia
Crane Operator

crane schools

This is for all you people that want to get into the crane field,DO NOT WASTE your MONEY going to any school that has either college of construction...

203 7 days ago Chris Weber in Orlando, Florida
Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendant Training Classes.

Welcome Aboard American Airlines Flight Attendant Training Classes Starting Sept 2016 and Beyond. Our Destination is Earning Flight Attendant...

89 8 days ago BUKOLA in Garland, Texas
Dental Hygienist

LWTECH Dental Hygiene and surrounding dental hygiene schools in Washington

I'm just curious to hear how other students are liking/liked their dental hygiene programs. I am a student at lake washington and am at my wits end...

0 8 days ago anonymousstudent in Seattle, Washington
Nurse RN

Board ordered nurse

I am a RN and have recently recieved a Board order from the Board of Nurses stating i must work under the supervision of another RN dosent have to be...

1650 8 days ago l3358 in Vancouver, Washington
Legal Secretary

Legal Secretary Job Hoax

Hi! I received an email from "someone" looking for a legal secretary. I responded to the email and wish I hadn't! Beware! This is what I received...

1 8 days ago Ryan D. in Baltimore, Maryland
Social Worker

To My Fellow Burnt Out Social Workers: Career Change from Social Work. I HATE SOCIAL WORK.

If you are not a burnt out social worker or counselor, please don't respond. I want this to be an open forum for those who are truly losing their...

95 8 days ago positivethoughtsinpa in Media, Pennsylvania
Master Electrician

looking for active business partner

I have Electrical Master Licenes and small compnay in operations, I am looking for a Person willing to work hard along my side to increase the...

1 8 days ago Jason2124 in Irving, Texas

Does it worth it to move to Alberta for a welding job? Considering the rent is so expensive there?

I am a welder with 2 years exp. I am considering taking a High Pressure welding course so I can get a good job in Alberta, but THEN my friend advice...

481 8 days ago dehvon in Toronto, Ontario
Medical Coder

Medical coding a good career?

I'm in a really crappy retail job and I hate it, I feel like I am being babysat all of the time and I would like to be able to work more...

10 8 days ago Barb24 in Wheaton, Illinois
Medical Coder

Need advice on medical billing/coding career

1. I'm 50+ yrs old and virtually no medical background - does it make sense for me to even begin training for medical billing/coding? (would...

321 8 days ago Barb24 in Wheaton, Illinois
Medical Coder

US Career Institute

Has anyone completed the Medical Billing and Coding Program through US Career Institute? I'm considering starting the program and wanted to hear the...

8 8 days ago Barb24 in Wheaton, Illinois
Administrative Assistant

Escaping the Female Ghetto that is Administrative Work

As mentioned in a previous post I too am tired of doing administrative work. I've been an admin. for sixteen years and I am fed up with the high...

180 8 days ago Coreen Amerman in Long Beach, California
Dental Assistant

How To Get My Foot In The Door

I just finished dental assisting school in November (a 10 week Class) and I live in a small town and only being 19 no one will give me a second look....

86 8 days ago Sdobbins55 in Raleigh, North Carolina
Claims Adjuster

How to Become an Auto Damage Adjuster

I see that consistently there are questions about how to get started in the adjuster claims industry. Whether it is in Catastrophe, property, or auto...

9 8 days ago redbonekw in Key West, Florida
Process Operator

Valero operator test question

I don’t want to get my hopes up but I recieved an email my resume (no experience) made it to the 2 step of the qualification process. Just to prepare...

3 8 days ago WakeRider in League City, Texas
Medical Technologist

I have a Bachelor degree in Biology and I'm interested in this field, but I have some questions

I have a bachelor's degree in biology. My college had a med tech program, but unfortunately closed the program before I could enter it. I worked...

175 8 days ago Brittany in Rock Hill, South Carolina
Tow Truck Driver

What are typical tow truck driver salaries?

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

36 8 days ago I enjoy my chocolate cake in Mchenry, Illinois
Respiratory Therapist

Finding work with a medical license on probation?

I was recently accused of looking through a chart of a patient I wasn't taking care of. I denied but the computer eveidence shows different. I take...

0 8 days ago Lee in Texas
Social Worker

Job opportunities for international students in the field of Social work in US?

Hello All, I am currently studying at an MSW program and planned to get graduate in 2013 fall. Being an international student I am really worried...

1 8 days ago KP in Piscataway, New Jersey
Flight Attendant

United Airlines interview 2015 Flight Attendant

is anyone going to the United Airlines interview in San Francisco on March 11th. please email me at

34 8 days ago Pedro in Orlando, Florida
Pest Control Technician

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando hiring sales persons - commission only for the greater Orlando area. 20% of what you sell.

1 8 days ago Orlando Pest Control in Orlando, Florida
Flight Attendant

Would like to hear from mothers who are flight attendants.

Hi I would like to hear from mothers who are also flight attendants. How do you balance your career with children/family?

214 9 days ago Sabrina Wasan in Fayetteville, North Carolina
Process Operator

Valero operator test

I was invited to test at valero in the houston/texas city area. I have a few questions. First, has anyone tested at valero and if so what is the use...

2683 9 days ago Kalash in San Antonio, Texas
Truck Driver

2 year old DUI, Will anyone hire me? New to the industry.

I have a 2 year old DUI. Is there any .that will do company training and then hire me as a team driver? My fiance has a CDL but will also need...

869 9 days ago dano in Tonawanda, New York
Call Center Customer Service Representative

How to reenter the workforce after being out for 3 years

I am currently looking for work i have went on interviews and have not found employment I had to take some time off for family obligations and to...

1 9 days ago KQJTEN9 in ATLANTA, Georgia
Airline Flight Attendant

Westjet YVR Flight Attendant Recruiting May 2017

Just wondering if anyone has applied for the FA position based in YVR which was posted on the Westjet careers website until the end of May. My...

5 9 days ago Someone1 in Richmond, British Columbia
Ultrasound Technician


Can anyone recommend what books/cd's to study for the new spi exam? Please reply to this post what was most helpful for you or email me at...

1608 9 days ago in Utah
HVAC Technician

Thought HVAC Techs made good money, what happened

I got into this field being told and thinking that HVAC techs made good money. What happened i have been in field for 3 years and always stride to be...

115 9 days ago Jayy in Miami, Florida
School Social Worker

Certification for School Social Worker

I have a MSW and would like to know how do I go about becoming a certified School Social Worker? Also, I would like a job in Trenton or Camden, NJ if...

4 9 days ago Bhcaruthers in Washington, District of Columbia
Insurance Agent

Which insurance company is good to work for??

Hi, I am currently a mortgage broker who is looking to diversify my income by getting into the insurance business. I would like to hear from those...

653 9 days ago KatesMelody in Dallas, Texas
Clinical Laboratory Scientist

CLS for foreign student

Hi, I have masters in microbiology from India. i am planning to get clinical Microbiologist scientist Trainee License or Clinical Microbiologist...

0 9 days ago rahul in Livermore, California
Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Sharing CLS Application Experience

Hello prospective CLS applicants, I applied for the Fall 2016 application cycle. Reading various CLS-related sites/forums especially Indeed really...

65 9 days ago rahul in Livermore, California
Corrections Officer

Oral Peace Officer Psychological Evaluation (POPE) (Pass/Fail)

Has anyone taken this evaluation for the CDCR lately? I was wondering what is needed to prepare for this or what kind of questions are asked. I...

215 9 days ago JacM in Emeryville, California
Process Operator

Testing for lyondell

Does anyone know what to expect on the Lyondell test?

0 9 days ago Mike

Don't become a Pharmacist

You are a slave to the owners. You will do whatever they decide they want you to do to make them more money (give immunizations, work with...

300 9 days ago Aaf in Sparks, Nevada
Spanish Interpreter

Don't Even Bother Getting Certified

The truth is you don't need to. Certification is only necessary if you're going to actually work directly for or with the court system. If you plan...

319 9 days ago sofia leavitt in Reston, Virginia
Freight Agent Broker

I am interested in working with broker...

I am interested in working with broker... I have no experience but I am familiar with terms I have an MBA with international business...

7 9 days ago Larry in Houston, Texas
Physical Therapy Assistant

question regarding california PTA license

I passed my PTA exam and the California Law exam recently and wonder if anyone in this forum would know how long should one wait for the PTA license?

99 9 days ago MannyT in San Diego, California
Ultrasound Technician

ultrasound refresher courses

My daughter had gotten her AS/Diagnostic Ultrasound degree 5yrs ago from a non-accredited school. She did not achieve the extra clinical hours needed...

4 10 days ago in Utah

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