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Physical Therapy Assistant

Schooling for Physical Therapy Assistant

I am in need of some advice on what would be best as a career change. Right now I am a licensed cosmetologist currently working in a salon. I've...

0 11 days ago Jgard in Irwin, Pennsylvania

NY state board

I Just passed NY written exam. just worry about practical test because my edu wasn't from NY. (I went esty school in TX) Does anyone can help me...

1 11 days ago Mahreen hammad in Buffalo, New York
Flight Attendant

Health insurance

Hi - can any current FA's give a breakdown of health insurance for their airline? I am looking to make a career switch, and health insurance is one...

0 11 days ago switching careers in San Antonio, Texas
Child Life Specialist

Boom or bust?

10 11 days ago Child Life in Laguna Niguel, California
Pharmacy Technician

for people who took the ExCPT

If you took the was it? I've order the national pharmacy technician training program book. I've read all the chapters and have done...

5 11 days ago Super nervous
Pharmacy Technician

Did you take your PTCE Exam? Please come here and help others....

Greetings, If you taken your PTCE Exam, it would be of great help to everyone to know what you seen (if you can remember) on your exam. If you...

940 11 days ago Super nervous
Skilled Trade

secuirty alarm installer as career any good

Anyone done security alarm installer program or working in the industry? Any jobs and what pros and cons of industry Some.ppl say no need learn...

1 11 days ago reai7 in Vancouver, British Columbia
Ultrasound Technician

Sonographer schools in Houston, TX

I am currently looking into the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program at Sanford Brown in Houston, TX. There is also a program for Medical Imaging...

833 11 days ago teacherdin in Houston, Texas
Medical Technologist

ASCP(MB) certification

I was wondering if I read Route 1 correctly for taking the Molecular Biology exam by ascp. All you need is a bacherlor's and MLS certification,...

6 11 days ago Wenxue in Chicago, Illinois

George Washington Univ. Masters program

Hi all...wondering if anyone has information on the Masters in Paralegal Studies program offered by George Washington University? I am currently...

87 11 days ago Jpbautista in Salt Lake City, Utah
Biomedical Technician

Hospital Internship vs. Dialysis Job for Future BMET

Long story short - Im currently employed as a BMET in a dialysis clinic (since Jan 2017) but have the opportunity to have an internship through my...

0 11 days ago FutureBMET in Secaucus, New Jersey
Car Hauler


Do not go through they will rip your head off. BIG scam they can all burn in F@CKIN hell

75 11 days ago Bones in Spencer, Tennessee
Medical Technologist

CLS vs. MLT vs MLS?!

Hi All, Can someone explain to me differences between these acronyms (at least in California)? I know they all do ASCP board exams but what make...

9 11 days ago suii in Tampa, Florida
Freight Agent Broker

Looking for Help...

Hi. I am independent trade broker. I have 14 years of my one trucking company and my record of sales is very good. So I opened a new broker company....

2 11 days ago BBAJ TRANSPORT in Macomb, Michigan
Medical Coder

Recommendations for self-study in coding?

I am a former physician assistant (12 years ago) looking to re-enter the work world in medical coding. I would very much appreciate advice from those...

83 11 days ago Lindsay in Youngstown, Ohio
Pathology Assistant

How important is "shadowing" experience for admissions?

Hello, I am planning to apply to 3 universities in the States for the PA program: Rosalind Franklin, Univ. of Maryland and Indiana. I have already...

8 11 days ago Julieeee in Seattle, Washington
Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA vs OTA for fit older female w/ arthritis

I've read lots of the other posts, but would still appreciate input on the subject of PTA vs. OTA. I'm 55, pretty fit (but not very strong...

2 11 days ago now and again in no city, California
Physical Therapy Assistant

Do other states experience low employment and lower wages for PTAs?

I am new PTa grad, passed the boards in October 2016, but having trouble finding any jobs in my area (Metropolitan Chicago, IL). So do most of my...

12 11 days ago now and again in no city, California
Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA and a healthy back

I am looking for advice/experiences in this field relating to physical labor and the toll it could take on an individual's back. I am in my 20s and...

7 11 days ago now and again in no city, California
Nurse RN

Foreign applicants to become RN

I am writing this on behalf of a friend. She is a perioperative registered nurse in Vietnam. What are the specific steps to become an RN in...

71 12 days ago Marmee in Springfield, Massachusetts
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Not sure why im helping you guys, but what the heck!

Your all after one thing, money! Please dont give me a lame excuse of pride and love for the industry. Ive worked as Marketing Director for 3 years...

18 12 days ago Hardik in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Corrections Officer

Cdcr hopefuls

Please post

280 12 days ago ed morales in crecent city, California
Medical Coder

Already have a college degree. But getting Coding Certificate. What does that make me?

Hello All! I am a college graduate, I have a Bachlor's of English. I'm currently in AHIMA's online Coding Basics Certificate Program. So my...

31 12 days ago Mia77 in Evans, Georgia
Travel Agent

How do I become a travel agent

I am a freshman in college, and have been thinking about becoming a travel agent. I basically have no idea how to get my foot in the door, though. ...

92 12 days ago Become a Travel Agent Today in Houston, Texas
Freight Agent Broker

Hiring experienced freight broker agents

Our company is looking for experienced freight broker agents with passion and integrity. Please feel free to email us at

0 12 days ago Caesar in Los Angeles, California
Freight Agent Broker

Contacts of past customers from Retired Freight Broker

I am retired now but still have my book of business. I will be putting all of my past customers into an excel spreadsheet. Included will be company...

5 12 days ago 1rosej29 in Fayetteville, North Carolina
Medical Technologist

I failed the ASCP exam

I was shocked. I have been training for three years and I took a few months off after graduating to study 6 hours a day 5 days a week for the exam...

59 12 days ago MarCortez in Manhattan, New York
Pharmacy Technician

hospital pharmacy tech

Hello everyone, I have been offered a definite job as a patient access rep at a local hospital. However, I also shadowed in a hospital pharmacy...

1 12 days ago J7MickiesMom in Charleston, South Carolina
CAD Drafter

How to start freelance CAD drafting?

Believe it or not my favorite thing to do as a kid was to draw out floor plans. I have notebooks full of residential floor plans from when I was very...

9 12 days ago tonybelmonte3740@*****.*** in Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Bank Teller

Tellers' Pet Peeves

Currently working tellers: if you had the chance, what would you tell customers? What are your pet peeves? Please post here. Thanks.

43 12 days ago Tamara Hughes in Central Islip, New York
Satellite Installer

Excede installs

I've had several yrs experience working with Dish and Direct and recently started installing with Excede/Wildblue. Like the work but seems a bit slow...

36 12 days ago olivier in Hallandale, Florida
Physical Therapy Assistant


I know this has been discussed many times but the posts seem very old. I am not sure whether to go into OTA or PTA? I have years of experience...

0 12 days ago Ree in Woodstock, Georgia
Flight Attendant


need your experience people! I would like you to post me you knowledge about different Airlines Salary (US). Talking about Flight Pay and per...

88 12 days ago PVPV in Palm Bay, Florida
Massage Therapist

Short Lived RMT's

I am seriously considering going back to school to become a RMT. Based on my research in the labour market, personal experience in recieving massage,...

31 12 days ago TheInjuredTherapist in Dallas, Texas
Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator Job in Mills River, NC

I am having fits with your online application as it will not accept my social security number.

0 12 days ago marvinbrucemashburn@*****.*** in Asheville, North Carolina
Security Supervisor

Getting ahead...

3 12 days ago MrsArdithShold in Greensboro, North Carolina
Corrections Officer


Good Morning..just starting a trend for SC..has anyone received an appointment yet for PSP..I did my PEM on Feb. 10 and POPE on Jan. 10 and haven't...

8 12 days ago Kalyn in RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California
Corrections Officer


I did my medical about 3-4 weeks ago. Do you guys know how long it takes for them to contact me for my Pope interview?

2 12 days ago Kalyn in RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California
Medical Worker

I just recently graduated as an EKG technician, and I am also certified, and have my CPR also,

where can I get my foot in the door for EKG/monitor technician, i just passed my certification, and I still can't find a job, I also have a medical...

51 13 days ago Sydney in Arlington, Texas
Truck Driver

Failed Hazmat Test! Help!

Well, I just took the Hazmat and Doubles endorsement tests in Tennessee and, to my surprise, failed both. It's unbelievable. I've been studying for a...

177 13 days ago marty in Union, Kentucky
Master Electrician

Need Electrical License holder (Unlimited) for Commercial work in North Carolina

We are in need of a Unlimited License Holder Electrician for our company on the Outer Banks. This would be for long term, aslo offering direct...

2 13 days ago Suburban Electric in Outer Banks, North Carolina
Radiation Therapist

Working as a Radiation Therapist with UK Degree.

Hi Everyone, I am after some help and advice! I have recently relocated to California and am looking for work as a Radiation Therapist. I have 10...

3 13 days ago Gemma1red in San Jose, California
Social Worker

re-entering the field after an absence

I have been a medical social worker for 17 years in NYC hospitals, but resigned my job five years ago when the hospital I worked for (as did so many...

11 13 days ago Ed in Hilliard, Ohio
Dental Assistant


hi all... i am new to this forum.. i am a dentist from india. just passed my B.D.S. degree.. i want to know that can i practice as a Dental...

88 13 days ago Xemerius in Lakewood, Washington
School Psychologist

Where not to work as a school psychologist

I wanted to start a thread that addresses bad experiences with school districts or divisions. My goal is to prevent other school psychologists from...

4 13 days ago Vi in Falls Church, Virginia
Flight Attendant



4 13 days ago dawnbelle8@*****.*** in Glendale, Arizona
Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist Salary in TEXAS!!

Hello everyone! I am considering a big move from New York to Texas and I am hoping to get some insight into OT salaries down there. I am considering...

0 13 days ago Kay in Brooklyn, New York
Application Engineer

Companies abusing job interviews and resume

I suspect some companies like LG or etc are actually faking their engineering job postings and pretend they are hiring, and take the resumes to make...

0 13 days ago fanta101 in Westminster, California
Office Associate


I am interested in working with office depot becouse i here it is a very good company for.

4 13 days ago Kate in Dallas, Texas
Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA salary inquiry

This may seem tacky, but i'm graduating PTA school in May and I would love to hear what people in different states are pulling in, salary-wise, from...

21 13 days ago now and again in no city, California

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