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Chicago, Illinois

Finding a job offering relocation assistance in Chicago

I would love to relocate to Chicago, IL. My only hesitation is the fact that I don't have a job secured in Chicago. I don't mind moving on my own but...

0 20 hours ago workinggal in Washington, District of Columbia
Charlotte, North Carolina

wanting to relocate to North Carolina

I want to pick up and move south,where is the best place to move to in North Carolina? no kids just pets...

311 1 day ago Melanie J in Charlotte, North Carolina
Tucson, Arizona

Moving to Tucson - how did you get here?

Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

6 2 days ago Jiffy in San Gabriel, California
New York, New York

Fraudulent NYC employment agencies

Anyone in NYC who wishes to complaint about phony job listings should take the following steps, according to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs: "You...

1677 2 days ago desiremydream in Jersey City, New Jersey
Atlanta, Georgia

Want to move from Illinois to Atlanta

I am a 34 year old woman who want to start all over! I need a job in atlanta before I leave

121 3 days ago Sergand in Mikolow, Poland
Chicago, Illinois

Jobs for felons I.T is the way to go...believe me.

I am a convicted felon so I know how hard it is! what I did was go back to school for computer networking. when I finish I will have an A+...

38 3 days ago MattWorkHard in Tucson, Arizona
West Melbourne, Florida

Up and coming jobs in West Melbourne

What jobs are on the rise in West Melbourne?

1 5 days ago cathy g in Palm Coast, Florida
Asheville, North Carolina

Moving to Asheville - how did you get here?

Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

126 5 days ago SRWinNC in Asheville, North Carolina
Memphis, Tennessee

What is the Hickory Hill area like in Memphis?

I'm thinking of buying a place in Memphis and am considering the Hickory Hill area. Was wondering if people can give me an idea of what the area is...

4 5 days ago MEMPHIS in Memphis, Tennessee
Atlanta, Georgia

What are the best neigborhoods in Atlanta?

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

278 6 days ago Abby in Edgware, United Kingdom
Tampa, Florida

Relocate to Tampa, Florida

I currently live in Southern California and I want to Relocate to Tampa, Florida very soon. My questions are as follows... 1) How are the prices...

16 6 days ago Stephanie in Springfield, Missouri
Sacramento, California

Smud written examination

I qualified for a written examination for an accounting position with SMUD next week and was wondering if anyone knows what it will be on and what I...

7 6 days ago kmulock in Sacramento, California
Houston, Texas

Oil rig jobs based out of Houston

Does anyone know how I would go about looking for an oil rig job? I have searched all over the internet and all I have found are websites that search...

1619 7 days ago jshep311 in Collierville, Tennessee
New York, New York

Anyone familiar with the NYC government hiring process?

Hi! Anyone familiar with the hiring process for the NYC government agencies? I went on an interview and received an offer for employment back in the...

32 7 days ago Get me in there already! in Brooklyn, New York
Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm looking for any job in LV

I am looking to make 10 dollars an hour. I don't really care what I'm doing. The cooler job the better but im not picky. Any ideas?

4 7 days ago lucky in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
New York, New York

Need a CrashPad in NYC area

I am a Delta Flight attendant lookng for a crash pad in close proximity to the major NYC are airports. Please send a private message or just post a...

4 11 days ago Bkdebutante in Brooklyn, New York
Watertown, Wisconsin

Up and coming jobs in Watertown

What jobs are on the rise in Watertown?

1 12 days ago in Watertown, Wisconsin
Phoenix, Arizona

Moving to Phoenix - how did you get here?

Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

76 12 days ago benita in Montréal, Quebec
Las Vegas, Nevada

Best companies to work for in Las Vegas?

What companies are fueling growth in Las Vegas? Why are they a great employer?

497 13 days ago kettouejy in Pasadena, California
Sarasota, Florida

Need a Ceramic Tile Contractor ?

Quality Ceramic Tile Contractor need an estimate on your tile project ? email us at: * we set all types of tile and do...

10 13 days ago Chris in Geneva, Florida
San Antonio, Texas

why is hard for a felon to get a job but if your a lawyer,judge no problems

I made a mistake and paid for it but im poor if I go fill out an app. im praying they call me to work.I have expereince in all kinds of trades but Im...

259 14 days ago Brittany112103 in Humble, Texas
New York, New York


If anyone here has used or is currently using Workforce 1 to find work, could you please share your experiences, good and bad.

155 14 days ago Bluetea in Texas
Miami, Florida

Misleading Ad about a job

ING Financial partners in Miami Lakes, FL advertised for a position of Financial Adviser. At the interview they did a bait and switch where they...

0 15 days ago Anon in Miami, Florida
New York, New York

NYC finance Software jobs - Full time or Consultant? Microsoft technology skills used?

I have been programming/designing using Microsoft technology mostly in the web/Client-server world for last 14 years. But I guess my skills are lil...

0 15 days ago Pete in New York, New York

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