Job search in Albany?

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What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Albany?

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Vero in Delmar, New York

118 months ago

I am a certify Spanish Teacher. I'm looking for a good private or public shcool to teach. I can tutor as well. I would also like to know any jobs at the State of Education Department for any bilin gual jobs.

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Julia Brothers in Schenectady, New York

116 months ago

I am about to graduate from an AAS program and I would like to look at jobs in the legal field such as wordprocessor, legal assistant jobs, however I do not have much paid work experience.Can you please help me out?

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Eric in Albany, New York

110 months ago

Is our education system really this bad?

mike botzuck in Syracuse, New York said: To whom it may it may concern,

Iam'presently employed right now but.I have family and friends that just retierd.Iam have been an (sst)sterile processing for 2yrs./11mounths.Now Iam looking to get certified.I am very familiar with all the insruments and most of the sets such as,foot,hand,ect;also some of the endoscopes.I also realization sterilize disturbed by friction or in otherwords by hand.some things need to soaked,but noy for to long becasei t
it can cause revers reactions like cross contamination.Sets should be put should be put together in such a way that when way that when they are moved or picked up when opened up and opened for another case,instruntets this way so that when genesis are opend Auto receipts be read should be readby both during the shift change so the person taking over will know what he has such as;all in all the whole staffing the workroom the work room and orhave to realizies that the emergency sets ,vascular surgens ,vascularminor,chest insrument tras,,chest retractor tray.All and All the whole staff and in the orhave to realize that the paients contdeccial are paramoun.It think when that person on that person on that operating table,could be one of your family members,a friend ,or someone youthat you made a diffrence in there life;that they would never forget.Thank you for tacking for your time thatyou took to concider reading my resume sencerly

mike boyzuck

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