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Updated 4 days ago

Want to move from Illinois to Atlanta - 121 Replies

IF talk about visting other countries, then I would say that I strongly recommend to visit Poland. For me it is a really great country. You can read...


Updated 6 days ago

What are the best neigborhoods in Atlanta? - 278 Replies

So I'm 27, newly married and have been planning a move to Atlanta for the past year. We were all set on a 2 bed flat in Buckhead, Atlanta and then I...


Updated 1 month ago

Newcomer's guide to Atlanta? - 170 Replies

I will be moving to Atl at the end of the month. I was offer a job at one of their many hospitals. I will take my chances because you never know...

Ima Done

Updated 1 month ago

Hire a felon, please! - 1177 Replies

And do companies really give criminals a second chance? Why won't they give hard-working people like me or anyone else a second chance? Seems...

just here

Updated 2 months ago

Stone Mountain relocation? - 1 Reply

Not sure where that info comes from but Stone Mountain has several nice areas in it. If its a subdivision I'm sure its nice. But as far as...


Abundance of IT jobs relatively close to south Atlanta?

Hi - moving to the Atlanta area soon and really like the Peachtree City area (plus my in-laws live there). I'm currently a Dir. who works remotely...

Joe Gagill

Updated 6 months ago

I would really like to relocate from NJ to GA - 7 Replies

well time to put my pants bac on. the boss just walked in


Updated 6 months ago

recently relocated to, Marietta, GA, looking for work, in the arena of, Healthcare Administration, Business, finance,cnslting,ed - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="amra beganovic in Baltimore, Maryland"]I m looking for a job in Atlanta. Have expirience in restorant, team works. finished economic...


Updated 9 months ago

Leaving NYC for Atlanta - 6 Replies

With $1100 for rent, you can get a lot of good places around Piedmont Park. It won't be like NY but at least it has a diverse population.

t jones

Updated 9 months ago

Temp Agencys - 5 Replies

Hiredynamics is pretty good. Also temp agencies off of fulton industrial in Atlanta. They does'nt pay much, but majority of them are temp to hire. I...

ATL in Smyrna, Georgia

Updated 13 months ago

Do you need a car to live in Atlants? - 1 Reply

I am blind and cannot ever drive. I am trying to find a city to move to where I can get around without a car. I'm also a single mom, so i have to...

Bryan in Schenectady, New York

Updated 13 months ago

Job from Systel Inc of Delaware in Atlanta, Georgia - 4 Replies

Hello Everyone: I am a Canadian who is being offered a position with a company called Systel Inc of Delaware in Atlanta. I need some URGENT advise...

stdntadvct in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Is Gwinnett Technical college worth the cost?

Most people would agree that technical schools give you a better bang for your buck. This may be true when you consider the ever increasing costs of...

cin567 in Granby, Connecticut

Newnan schools - Chesterfield Community

How would you rate the schools and safety in Chesterfield Community, Newnan County: Elementary:White Oak Middle:Arnall High:East Coweta

Pink2012 in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 17 months ago

Tired of employment scams!!!! - 4 Replies

Hello, my name is Tisha. I am looking to relocate to Atlanta asap! I'm a single mom of a twelve year daughter. I've been applying for jobs on...

wazzup in Alpharetta, Georgia

Commuting from Newnan to job in midtown ATL

Looking at moving away from North Fulton's parking lot at rush hour (AKA GA400) and living near inlaws in Newnan area. I work in CNN center. ...

Trynamakemywaybk in Oxon Hill, Maryland

Updated 18 months ago

Relocating to Atlanta soon - 2 Replies

Hi everyone im looking to relocate in the Gwinett Co area or Decatur not sure if this it tha same area but any how,Im looking to move there by the...

Janice Aquino in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 19 months ago

Job search in Atlanta? - 68 Replies

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Atlanta?

Janice Aquino in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 19 months ago

Relocating to Atlanta from NY after being laid off - 7 Replies

My role as a Financial Analyst was eliminated and I was laid off this week. I received a severance package and can file for NYS unemployment, but I...

BarbElton in Gainesville, Georgia

Had a fantastic interview with a hospital today...

however, the thought just occurred to me - I owe them money. I have a couple outstanding hospital bills - 1 from ER and one from surgery. Is this...

bienvenue mulumi in Macomb, Michigan

Updated 21 months ago

Experienced RN looking for position in GA - 6 Replies

I am a Registered Nurse with 20+ years of experience looking for a position in GA. I have worked in several different areas, but my most recent was a...

tt in Fairburn, Georgia

Updated 21 months ago

Community - 8 Replies

I am moving to Marietta for work. My family and I are looking for a higher end neighborhood with a reasonable commute to Marietta (wildwood pkwy...

samjewell in Cartersville, Georgia

Updated 22 months ago

floor tech jobs - 12 Replies

seriously need to find a job ,must work to maintain please help.

Lisa in Hyattsville, Maryland

Updated 22 months ago

need ur suggestions - 8 Replies

I am post graduate in microbiology from unievrsity of madras. I am desperately looking out for jobs. let me know if u know of any. It can be...

Don Hughes in Mcdonough, Georgia

Updated 24 months ago

Older workers - 3 Replies

What are the best companies to seek a job if you are 55. years or older.

RightFit_Resume Writer in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 25 months ago

Are employment agencies ACTUALLY working for us? - 4 Replies

I have been applying to job posting since mid February and I have to honestly state that head hunters, in my opinion, are pompous and...

squirrelonfire in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 25 months ago

Need a Job in Atlanta - 3 Replies

I have many professions I can fall upon and yet, I still cannot find work. I have a background as a Bartender, Server, Admin Assistant, and a Sales...

mrshutche6 in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 26 months ago

Up and coming jobs in Atlanta - 5 Replies

What jobs are on the rise in Atlanta?

Stallworthonline in Decatur, Georgia

What's next? Death?

Good afternoon everyone. As you read this you assume I'm a good person. You stand in front of me and behind me in line at the store, you greet me...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 26 months ago

I keep getting denied employment in the background check process... - 6 Replies

Last year I attained a misdemeanor theft conviction that pops up in background checks. I have no problem attracting interviews, and I do excellent in...

Ckoz in Woburn, Massachusetts

Updated 27 months ago

Entry Level Mortgage Loan Processor - 4 Replies

Looking for a career as an entry level loan Processor. Quick Learner. Help

Lucy in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 28 months ago

College Degree means....? - 6 Replies

I recently moved here from Massachusetts and received my degree in May 2011. I have been spent practically every waking minute job hunting, making...

atlanta born in Cape Coral, Florida

Updated 28 months ago

Looking for Work - 2 Replies

I'have been looking for a job but it has been hard to find work.If anybody that knows where the jobs at email me at

adam bowden in Batesville, Arkansas

Updated 28 months ago

Anyone know of bartending jobs? - 5 Replies

I am looking for a steady bartending gig in Atlanta.. I have heard that Stout Irish Pub is looking for a bartender, so I am headed their this week,...

Docpeace04 in Roswell, Georgia


Just moved to Atlanta with my family. Having worked with insurance companies as the compliance officer I am looking for something similar here....

Corey in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 29 months ago

Paralegal Looking to Network & Relocate - 10 Replies

I am currently living in North Carolina and looking to relocate to the Atanta area as soon as possible. I am seeking assistance to gain contacts of...

Foxhound48 in Atlanta, Georgia

Seeking entry-level Field Examiner careers - Will relocate...

Hello. I am back in the job market, and am looking to gain experience in Field Examiner work. A summary of my experience is noted below. Thanks...

Karen UK in United Kingdom


Hey Everyone, I am looking to relocate to Atlanta or Miami from London UK and I am looking for advice on where best to live and find work. I am a...

Theresa in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Updated 32 months ago

Dental Hygienist just relocated to Atlanta - 1 Reply

Hi, I just have relocated from Florida to Atlanta. I have my Georgia Hygienist license and could you any help looking for a dental hygienist job in...

Lisa in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 32 months ago

Start own business working with ex-offender and change the law in ga - 2 Replies

My passion is start my own business working with ex-offender. Yes I am one myself living it everyday. I believe people coming together can make...

kevdadon80 in Brooklyn, New York

want change of lifestyle in a different state

currently work for nyc dept of corrections but i would love to move to another state and work law enforcement asap i need change

Julian Edwards in London, United Kingdom

Moving to Atlanta

Hi people, I'm currently living and working in London, United Kingdom but i'm getting tired of life here. I have a green card and i'm considering...

Frustrated in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 36 months ago

Why can't a 59 year old white guy who's a highly skilled carpenter/renovator w/35 years experience in the Atl market find work? - 2 Replies

I suppose the answer is two fold. The level of skill in Atlanta is mediocre and a lot of people have been burned over the years. I make 50 to 60...


Updated 36 months ago

Two Bachelors Degrees, Certificate in NPO Management! Please help! - 1 Reply

What are the 2 degrees? Public speaking to me is considered worthless. No offense but it doesn't really do anything. Master of Communication and a...

fuxxinluis in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Updated 38 months ago

Trying to go back to school when you live check to check (No OT) - 4 Replies

I am currently trying to go back to school, but not sure of all the resources available to me. I am a single female, no children, and currently...

shon in Jonesboro, Georgia

Updated 39 months ago

Need Help Quick - 1 Reply

Just move back to GA, after 7yrs in New Orleans. I seperated from my wife and kids and followed my heart and a GIRL who i though loved me. We were...

Mag Pie in Douglasville, Georgia

Paralegal Internship

I received my certification as a paralegal from West Georgia Technical College in early June. I need to get my foot in the door somewhere to gain...

NCCER Certified in Atlanta, Georgia

Please help with safety job in Atlanta area

I am 42 years old and currently hold NCCER CSST/CSSS, Hazwoper 40 Hour, OSHA 30 Hour Construction, CPR/AED, and First Aid certifications. Also, I...

rudan5685 in Kennesaw, Georgia

Executive Assistant - Sr. Level

Recently laid off as an Executive Assistant and have been lookiong for the past 5 months.... The boss was let go and I eventually was let go after...

Yvette Huertas in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 42 months ago

Communications Professional looking for a Job in the Atlanta area - 2 Replies

I am planning to relocate to the Atlanta area and I am currently looking for a job in the Communications and Public Relations field. I have 5 years...

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