Background Checks Are Just Another Way to Weed People Like You Out...

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Deborah Niemeyer in Fairview, North Carolina

92 months ago

The reason why local governments and Washington have done nothing over your concerns with regard to background discrimination is based upon racism and ethnicism and weeding out those who are "different". It's a perpetual attitude against people who are "different"...people who have a wayward past...or perhaps didn't make the right decisions...or say the right things...maybe had charges against them out of retaliation from a ticked off neighbor or friend or family member (experienced a little bit of this myself). Maybe you shot somebody or got into a fight. That is pretty bad and severe, yes. You paid the price by incarceration. You have a record for stealing or drugs, let's say. Whoever you are or whatever you've done, you're free now. So, what do you to find jobs when hardly anyone will be frank with you about why they're never going to hire you in your life time? What do you do? You commit a crime to survive?

I have a job, yes. And no, I didn't steal or beat anyone up (okay I did threaten to beat up my Vet over 10 years ago ...assault charge.). I didn't shoot anyone or hurt anyone. But I have been in some of your shoes when it came to job hunting with not much luck other than a low wage job in South Florida. Even if I'm college educated.

I, myself, have wondered what it would be like to engage in something 'sort of against the law' just to make more money to feed myself. And I'm not for the legalization of any kind of drug, even MJ. Sides, I wasn't raised that way. I just couldn't do it... just wondered about it. I don't even know people.
But what if I was pushed so far? What Would happen?

My heart prays for all of you who are free and suffering. And if you must commit an illegal act, without hurting others for God's sake, in order to put something in your stomach when the shelters are closed, I will be first to say, "Honey, Feel Free and God Speed."

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bryant_conley@*****.*** in Mcdonough, Georgia

92 months ago

Displaced Legal Professional in Denver, Colorado said: Illegal acts always hurt others, no matter how dire the circumstances. That is why such acts are illegal. Guaranteed, you wouldn't appreciate someone committing an illegal act against you to put something in his/her stomach.

that was sooo real

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Deborah Niemeyer in Augusta, Georgia

90 months ago

What I was basically conveying on here is that if one has to steal food from the grocery store or a resturant to survive - when there is no other alternative, at least at that time - then I still say, so be it.

When Glenn Beck says people are not entitled to food or shelther, etc, (that we are supposed to struggle as creative beings..blablabla) he forgot the kind of ascription and stigmatization societies have put upon comparision to his and his daddy's life as a supported business owner.

Besides we're not primative anymore. We're in the 21st century.
No one in the US should have to "compete" or "fight" at an unfair disadvantage compared to those who already have WAY too much for little effort.
Our society can still have progression, competition, and exponential creativity.
I doubt you have to be too "liberal" or "conservative" to do so.

This country should pay higher wages and help provide more numbers of safe shelters and food kitches (24hr) for those who aren't able to eat Tues and Thursdays only.

I haven't been there (yet), but God Bless those who have told me the horror stories of their lives. And as cheesy and drama queenish as I can come across over these kinds of subjects, I'll add this as well, if "reincarnation" does in fact exist, we all are randomly born after we randomly die. And the chances are many of us will be born very poor and become more prone to disease and starvation than in previous lives.

Now, why would I say such silly things? It's just common sensical thinking...debatable, yes, but since this world is over populating while stifling it's ecology, animals, and human beings. More of us are becoming poorer and poorer, while others become greedy for the wrong reasons. We need to think and act for the sake of not just individuality (which I love about American culture) but for the groups of individuals who are suffering. But I'd say start WITH OURSELVES.

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