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AJ in Atlanta, Georgia

107 months ago

There is a real problem with credit history for employment. My thing is you are worthy to do the job, but your credit history stops you from obtaining employment. Not everyone in the USA or anywhere else can have perfect credit all the time unless they are making more than 40 thousand a year and maybe working two jobs to make ends meet. So many times I have the intention of paying off my debts and once I get started I am being laid off from work in which I have been doing temp work for the past eight years due to my credit. Can some offer me some advice.

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celestewharton in Rex, Georgia

97 months ago

I totally understand I just went through the same thing was paying my bills I even got 2 secured credit cards and one with bank of america a Platinum one at that well I was working for the state of GA through a temp agency and 2 months before I was to go perm I was laid off due to budget cuts and all the credit I worked so hard to build was shot to hell. Not to mention that my unemployment was cut off for a minute because they needed me to fill out some paperwork and I had bills going through for my online bill pay and the bill pay was going through but no money hence another bill my account was overdrafted and I can't pay that so now another thing on my credit that I can't pay it's crazy I've been out of work for a year and getting ready to go back to school for Medical assistant but from the looks of the forum for MA that might not be a good idea either well, anyway enough of me talking about my problems.

Good Luck

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