Do you need a car to live in Atlants?

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blind-one in Columbus, Georgia

27 months ago

I am blind and cannot ever drive. I am trying to find a city to move to where I can get around without a car. I'm also a single mom, so i have to get my kids around, and in a safe neighborhood where they can walk to school. I've heard conflicting things about Atlanta. Can a single blind mother reasonably get around? And what would be the best areas to move to? Thanks.

ATL in Smyrna, Georgia

26 months ago

There are decent public transportation options if you move somewhere along Highway 400 (Dunwoody area) where the light rail operations north-south to downtown atlanta. There are quite a few bus lines running through Atlanta, but it will take you quite a while to get around using them. Here is a link to the info on public transit: . You can also look at the Sandy Springs area which is next to Dunwoody and are nice areas, convenient to transportation.

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