Leaving NYC for Atlanta

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pf123 in Peachtree City, Georgia

26 months ago

Hi i live in Atlanta I moved from Nyc to Atlanta a year and a half ago this is a great place to raise a family. like how its only u and your huband and your coming from the city i would reccomend the buckhead, sandy spring, dunwoody area. these areas remind me of a quiet version of the city and queens blvd. like how u guys are without a car the dunwoody near perimeter mall and buckhead would be perfect the trains and bus staion is walking distance. also you guys would be only walking distance from the mall and a lot of restuarant also shopping plazas. These areas have good school system with alot of activites for families. There are crimes it just depends on where u go... Dunwoody crime rate are low. Good luck.... i think you guys will love it here. the only thing when i moved here i thought some of the people were a little different but i got use to them.

SuperSally in Seattle, Washington

26 months ago

I would move somewhere like Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle or Raleigh. Taxes in Seattle for a nice home are less then 4K a year.

Tee in Jamaica, New York

25 months ago

I would love 2 move (atl)

Dlugo in Smyrna, Georgia

25 months ago

I moved with the family from Brooklyn to Atlanta. I have been here a year and a half and am still homesick. It's nice for a family here. The whole cost savings stuff is overrated. Yes things are cheaper but the pay is nowhere near NYC, it all evens out. It is better to land a job first before coming. I miss home so much.

bella in Newnan, Georgia

23 months ago

Great place to raise a family but a lot goes into it.check out the JOB SITUATION and also the areas to live.Not a great variety for shopping like NEW YORK. I have been here a long time my husband is from here that is the only reason that i am here.My kids left right after colledge for jobs in their fields .The cost saving is not that great as it once was.

squirrelonfire in Atlanta, Georgia

22 months ago

With $1100 for rent, you can get a lot of good places around Piedmont Park. It won't be like NY but at least it has a diverse population.

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