Start own business working with ex-offender and change the law in ga

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Yolanda in Atlanta, Georgia

93 months ago

My passion is start my own business working with ex-offender. Yes I am one myself living it everyday. I believe people coming together can make different in the law in Ga that holds ex-offender back. We can't get housing, jobs and some case education.

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N W. in Atlanta, Georgia

86 months ago

Yea I feel you on this situation, I am a ex felon myself and i cant get a job for nothing in the world and educated, my life has plundered to almost nothing , I lost my job in 2007, and I havent had one since then, Ive interviewed with numerious major companies, and have often been offered a position , until my histiry is pulled ,and they withdrew the offer, I am tapped out , Ive lost a home ive been in for 11 yrs,a new mercedes, 401k dwendled to nothing after i tried to save my home , with the hope of getting a job, No one will hire me , with a drug felony on my history, I don,t know what will become of my life, Ive always ben a fighter in life but now i feel there is no way for me to win my life back as a prosperous citizen in this country, ive worked all my life and ended up wit a felony arrest ,and ive lost evrything because no one will give me a chance , cant evn get gov assistance (aka)foodstamps as an convicted felon with a drug charge ,but if you can convence someone to hire you still have to support others that are receiving food stamps with yo taxes , but you cant get any help, SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE

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Lisa in Atlanta, Georgia

78 months ago

Well here is something that you can try. It will not work for all charges but most minor charges it will work. You can research to see if can be expunged or sealed or pardoned. It an Criminal Record Expungement Kit. Its not an overnight process and will take a couple of months for the state to respond and remove things from your record. They don't care about people because the state system is a business just like every other business. Most people don't even know you can have charges removed from your criminal record and don't know where to even begin the process. Hope it helps. It only is for Georgia.

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hfklvein in San Francisco, United Kingdom

36 months ago


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