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honkforkids in Brazil, Indiana

116 months ago

What are the tools of Honkforkids?

The tools are simple ones. They confuse our opponents who have no defenses against them. The tools are integrity, patience and just plain tenacity.

This conflicts with the tools of our opponents such as James Payne.
Their tools are false allegations, intimidation and laziness.

These simple tools have brought down tyrants, thieves and deviants, such as our opponents. These tools will bring down lazy legislators.

These tools will bring down a Governor named Daniels, whose place in history will be “The man who could have stopped the Hoosier Holocaust"

These tools will bring down the judges of the 7th circuit federal district.
These judges have forgotten the constitution, and they stonewall the victims of DCS.

History will remember these criminals for what they are.

History will remember the Hoosier Holocaust

When your tired of being afraid, when your ready to fight back against DCS.

Call us 1 866 397 0705

Join the fight for family freedom in Indiana

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