Austin Hiring criteria becoming rediculous?

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jessica21 in Houston, Texas

105 months ago

Zoneater in Austin, Texas said: Like many of you, most likely, I'm a recent laid-off worker. I worked only a year in my new position, attempting to build experience, as my prior experience was in an industry I wasn't interested in returning to.

Now, having been unemployed for a few months now, I'm finding that the same jobs I had a chance at previously are completely unattainable...why? Because employers hiring criteria has become so specified that someone like myself, who doesn't have the new "2-5 years experience" threshold can't find employment in the same industry I was just laid off from.

Has anyone else been frustrated with this? I realize employers have the pick of the litter now, so to speak, but it seems as though they're no longer hiring to train or are interested in building a new employee up. They want all the experience and ability on the front end.

Just frustrated because I have hit brick wall after brick wall.

Go Green

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Wondering why makin money is t in Austin, Texas

103 months ago

I have noticed that employers are asking for one person to perform the work of several now. It seems they call this "productivity".

Either they layoff three people and keep one to do the work of all four, or they want to hire one person who has the skills of four different professionals so they can stretch that person.

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