someone just give a try

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tonja mckelvin in Baltimore, Maryland

105 months ago

i realize that things are tough but when i lose my home due to lack of income i do get mad because basically there are people who never had to sleep in the street and trying to find a jog and maintain it epsecially being a single parent sometimes i feel like begging to get someone to give a chance

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tonja mckelvin in Baltimore, Maryland

104 months ago

I am about to turn 46 in the next couple weeks , I do realize that things are tough but when I have lost my home due to lack of income i still get mad because there plenty of programs out here for drug addicts . They need to have things to work with people who losing their only income . i never thought i was the one be sleeping in the streets. i knew in my past, i took things for granted thinking it can not happen to me , but it did. i have gotten mad because people do not try to help out unless something in it for themselves. i am single parent and grandparent who want more for the future of my family

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deangelis in Baltimore, Maryland

104 months ago

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Al in Deltona, Florida

100 months ago

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