Job search in Bentonville?

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What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Bentonville?

james delorez

64 months ago

I am looking for the best employment recruiters in the area. I have been looking from fayettville, Ar. to neosh, Mo. for a machine shop job and am having a hard time finding one as is every one else. Any help would be apreciated. James DeLorez

phollingsworth02 in Spring, Texas

58 months ago

I will be moving to Bentonvill, Ar around September 1,10 to be near my son and grandchildren who just moved there from Texas July 2, 10. I will also be moving from Houston,TX. I am a certified teacher, and will be substitute teaching there, hoping for a full-time position, but would like to also have a part-time position working evenings and on weekends. I'm very flexible with evenings and weekends, and want as many hours to work as possible. I am very professional, eager to learn new things, and a people person, as I have worked with co-workers, administration, children and parents for years in my teaching profession.
Please contact me by email, as I would love to hear from you about a job in the evenings, no matter how late, and weekends. Thank you so much.


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