Moving to new city for personal reasons, how to find job from current location?

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46 months ago

My girlfriend and I want to move to Boston from DC. She is originally from the area and I have many friends there. I am a Mechanical Design Engineer with 4 years experience. I have applied to over 30 jobs I am well qualified for but have only gotten one phone interview in 3 weeks.

I'm concerned that because my resume has an address in Norther Virginia, that many employers are overlooking me. They may fear I want help financially relocating. I have no problem paying for the move myself.

Should I put a fake Boston address on the resume? My girlfriend's parents live an hour from the city. I could use their address.

Or should I indicate in my resume or cover letter that I am not seeking relocation allowance and this is a long term move?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

RCjobs in Greenville, South Carolina

45 months ago

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