What are the best neigborhoods in Buffalo?

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Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

DoYouNeedAnAgent in Buffalo, New York

93 months ago

good life means different things for different people - i like the burbs, very family oriented and great schools - singles, well i have been out of that for awhile, but depends on each persons tasts, one of my clients wants the city another wouldnt dream of moving to the city - wants safe safe safe - so it really depends

Bruce@4694 in Buffalo, New York

54 months ago

Seriously, your clients want to live in a safe neighborhood and you equate that to the burbs? First of all Buffalo's Elmwood village was rated the 2nd best neighborhood in the country. Additionally, the surrounding neighborhoods have feed off that area and in are in a up swing. Sales of homes in the surrounding neighborhoods have skyrocketed. Why, because of the people in these fabulously safe neighborhoods. If your single and looking you should check out the Allentown district or the Downtown apartments. Both close to the scene and action.

Rocky Mountain in Buffalo, New York

43 months ago

When people are looking for "safe" neighborhoods they probably have a family. Why wouldn't a suburb be considered as safe?

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