Job search in Casper?

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What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Casper?

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rm in Casper, Wyoming

106 months ago in Charlotte, Michigan said: I am currently moving to Casper, Wyoming. I am in the processes of looking for employment. Am help would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, so do you like tons of dry wind, slim pickins when it comes to the greenery, and snow year round? Im originally from california and really am missing the sun, humidity and greenness of everything. Wyoming also has a high rate of depression so if you are prone to that I would stock up on b12 and vitD. It is beautiful here but mainly in the spring and fall. Jobs: just online job centers: also look online at for jobs. There are oil jobs here and like the greenery also slim pickens. My husband is in the industry and usually is gone m-f, home on weekends. However for the last 2months, theyve been home with the rigs sitting in the shop with no work. The Nationwide dwindling job market is starting to hit us, so plz be careful that this is really the place you want to be. Maybe visit first if possible.
And good luck at whatever you decide to do.

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Ex Oilpatch in Casper, Wyoming

82 months ago

O.K. So! Where are the jobs here in Wyoming that pay the amounts of wages that are in the field on the right side of this forum???? I know no one that makes near the wages stated there and I do know people in almost all areas there.
Again where are the jobs with that extreme wage?
And second, tell all the people looking on the meager job boards down at the state employment office WHERE ARE ALL THE JOBS??????????

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