Best companies to work for in Charlotte?

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What companies are fueling growth in Charlotte? Why are they a great employer?

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local in Charlotte, North Carolina

109 months ago

Most are driven here by some affiliation with the Banks. BofA is a good company, but be prepared for constant change and the ever present risk of job elimination. It is part of their culture.
Wachovia is also a great company but with less transition. Often that will translate to slower progression. Trade off is worth it for many.
Duke Power is also a big player in the market.
On the hospitality/restaurant side. Lots and lots of corporate chains are here. Reality is because there are so many, if you want to advance in the industry you need that experience. Top growing companies are Salsaritas which is on an unbelievable growth pattern. Fuel Pizza is also in heavy expansion mode. Marriott City Center is an amazingly well managed hotel and well worth the time for anyone starting out. This is emphasized by the opening of a Ritz Carlton (owned by Marriott) in the next few years. That experience could get you in the door.
Companies to avoid would be Harpers Restaurnat Group for management. Turn and burn mentality with an unbelievable management turn over rate. For hourly (waitstaff etc) it is a good company with lots of opportunities.
Jillians is also rifling through all level of management. Perhaps you will view that as an opportunity, but be warned... they eat up management as part of a poorly designed growth plan.
On to medical. So many opportunities in the city and really a lack. If you have ever considered a career in the medical field, do it! Start with simple courses at CPCC and then get practical work experience at a number of outlets all over the city. Just remember, these are often swing shift positions with odd schedules. Not exactly a 9-5er.
There are also some unique positions coming on line with the City and County with the new lite rail system. Solid ground floor opportunities.
Start ups with potential: Elevator Channel and ESP. I am sure there are more.

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Cynthia in Charlotte, North Carolina

108 months ago

Hey Local, I am not from the area, just moved here about 1 year and a half ago. I love the city but where are the good employers who want great employees, who will show up for work on time, will do what is required, often going above and beyond, and employers that do not mind in investing in their employees.
I've applied to the companies that you have listed, and I've yet to hear back. I call and they tell me that my resume is on file and if they are interested they will contact me. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong, I have a geat work history, and I am a hard worker, not to mention I have a college degree, but it seems to me it's all who you know
somebody help me out please!!!

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john baldo

108 months ago

Host said: What companies are fueling growth in Charlotte? Why are they a great employer?
what are the best companies to work for in Charlotte

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Scarleth in Managua, Nicaragua

89 months ago

I still live in Nicaragua because I have only 4 months working for this company but because of this company I'm ready to leave my current full-time job, but if all of you mistrust of me just because I'm from Nicaragua then what about Bonnie Taylor, Dr. Rob Robertson, David Lisonbee and many others who at the present time are more than rich people and live in The States, huh?

And for jamadd, the answer is because this is the way that this business is developed offering opportunities to people like you even if you are not interested, and also this business is NOT promising you're gonna be rich tomorrow, it says you only work 2-5 years to get financial independence, why would you prefer to be working for a boss more than 40 years to retire old, tired and sick if you may retire 2 years from now, young and healthy, huh?

HVACTECH12, you really don't know what the Immune System means, right?

This company doesn't sell vitamins, go to the drug store if you want vitamins, we work with Transfer Factors, they increase your Immune System 437%, now tell me what VITAMIN offers that to you?

You know, I thought the same the first time I heard about Network Marketing, I thought "Another Pyramid" where the higher is the winner, but now I realize with this company that all of that crap about Network Marketing is no more than crap, there's always somebody trying to scare you. Somebody asked to Donnald Trump this: If you lose all your money, what would you do to be millionaire again? He said Network Marketing and everybody laughed at him, then he said that's the reason why you are THERE and I'm HERE.

So think about it, I'm not trying to swindle you, besides I'm only a stranger from Nicaragua, right?

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JGray87 in New Jersey

89 months ago

My mother works for this company too, she came into the business 8 months ago with somebody from Puerto Rico and at the present time she's getting more than $ 10,000 per month and increasing.

When you get an opportunity like this one, certainly you can't believe it, but thanks God my mother gave it a shot, even when my own family was saying "Come on, wake up, nobody offers opportunities like this and Puerto Rico? Please..."

I recommend to pay attention to this girl, believe me this is real and she knows what she's talking about, at least give her a shot.

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brad24smith in Texas

89 months ago

Hey Scarleth, I'd like to know about the business, last year my father heard about it, he was not interested in the business but he bought a treatment for presure, he had been taking a pill over more than seven years, after the treatment he's been totally healthy and never took the pill again, I saw how these products helped him and I'd like to have my own business, Is the price for the tools still $36.5?... I want to enroll, can you help me please?

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Scarleth in Managua, Nicaragua

89 months ago

Hey JGray87, thanks, you know when people see this coming up they (obviously) think “somebody is trying to swindle me”, but you’re right, people use the most stupid way to “defend” themselves from something that really doesn’t exist, like the idea of swindling people (at least with this company), but they don’t realize they’re letting go an opportunity of a lifetime. Anyway, thanks for supporting me, and... your mother REALLY grew fast.

Hi brad24smith, these are the steps to enroll with 4Life:

1. Fill up the inscription papers.
2. Pay for The Compass ($ 36.5) in any 4Life Factory.

Now, as a new Leader the company requires 100 pts every month, these points can be sold or consumed. 100 pts = $ 130 + or – depending on the products you buy.

Then you start your own network:
1st Level: When you enrol someone (under the same conditions that you are, with all of these steps) the company pays you 25% of their purchase only the first month, after 1 month the comp. pays 2%. Example: you personally enroll 6 people, they buy their 100 pts, and then the comp. pays like $ 150 the first month, the second and all the others 2% = like $ 12.

2nd Level: the comp. always pays 25% here. Example: the 6 people who you personally enrolled have been doing the same and they have 6 people everyone, that means you have 36 people in your 2nd level = 3,600 pts x 25%, the comp. pays you $ 900.

They will be increasing and you are gonna receive a payment for all of them with the same 100 pts that you’re consuming. If you personally enrol 10 people and they too then you receive more than $ 7,000 per month (not including Power Pool Bonus and many others benefits)

Well, this is the basic, tell me your email to send you the inscription papers. Bye

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Scarleth in Managua, Nicaragua

89 months ago

HVACTECH12 in Concord, North Carolina said: YEA YEA, im sure you could be the next Bill Gates, ALL multi level marketing groups say the same thing, It has nothing to do with what country your from. T he product may very well be a good product but you will not get extremely wealthy selling them. mULTI LEVEL MARKETING IS A RIP OFF. iM SURE YOU COULD SELL SOME AND MAKE A FAIR INCOME . But this is no differant than Amway.

And you think that 200,000.00 people are coming into these business every month because they want a "fair income"? And they don't stop, they keep working, making huge incomes, if this doesn't work out then Why are they still in this sort of business?

It's true, all these companies have the same system, but not all of them pay the same. That doesn't mean they're fraud, that means that they're having good results, all you have to do is choose the company which offers the best payment.

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