nonconsensual towing of vehicles

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bobby bingley in Charlotte, North Carolina

111 months ago

i live in an apartment where my car was towed off because i was late on getting my tag stickers why should i have to pay 120.00 for an 20.00+ sticker thjis should not be legal my lease state any unlicensed,inoperable,abondoned,or lacking permits may be towed away and im on private property but thats not what chapter 97 section 97.01 its not posted any where nor was the police called

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John in Charlotte, North Carolina

110 months ago

This is the deal on this:

When you enter a lease onto a property, that property is considered private property. Now with that said, the property managment, which has a lease which states "unlicensed,inoperable,abondoned,or lacking permits" gives the property managment a legal right to have those vehicle remove from there property. Now if your vehicle is not properly licensed, stickered, or has a proper safety inspection which is condisered a permit, or they are expired is still condisered a non compliace issue, then the property management has the right to have that vehicle removed from the property with out your permission. The police does not have to be called except to comply with the local ordinace to report that the vehicle was towed, not stolen. Section 97 and 97.01 gives a property the owner the right to remove vehicles from there property and protects the towing company for inconedent damages.

Hope this help you understand why, does it make it right, moraly most likely not, but the wrecker company will still do it for if one dont the other one will. So please dont blame the wrecker service but your property management.

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71 months ago

John in Charlotte, North Carolina said: This is the deal on this:

The odd thing about my situation was that the car has had an expired registration since March 2011, and they didn't warn me about towing the car until the date after I submitted a major maintenance requests. My other car was three months behind and sitting right next to it. It is not titled in my name.

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