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7“Ask and it will be given to you; seek

Updated 12 days ago

Jobs for felons I.T is the way to go...believe me. - 50 Replies

Amen, glory to God in the highest! He sent His Son to earth as the perfect sacrafice for our sins. If we beleive and accept Jesus Christ by faith, as...


Follow our Twitter for Employment Opportunities in Bolingbrook!

Hello! Xerox Services in Bolingbrook has recently created a Twitter account to keep people updated on their current and upcoming employment...


Updated 3 months ago

Have you ever driven a Taxi Cab in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois ? - 11 Replies

I'm an owner operator of a Chicago city cab. I've been driving for over 12yrs. The business is ok as long as you put in at least 10-12 hrs a day. I...

Updated 3 months ago

part time jobs that pay between $10-$15 - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="idrisborokini in Chicago, Illinois"]I've been on a job hunt for a while now with no luck. I am looking for a part time jobs that pay...

Kimberly Gueringer in Chicago, Illinois

Employers? What are you looking for and why do you make this process so DIFFICULT!!??

HR Professionals, why would a staffing agency list a position that is no longer available? A few months ago, I was contacted by a staffing agency...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 6 months ago

MBA graduate can't get a job - 28 Replies

I graduated with a MBA degree from a respected school last November, and I still can't get a job after almost 8 months. Granted, I am trying to... in Schaumburg, Illinois

Updated 6 months ago

Changing jobs when over 50 and working in Advertising? - 32 Replies

It's tough finding jobs if you're over 50. Can't even get a bite on my resume. Leaving the Advertising biz and looking for new opportunities to use...

workinggal in Washington, District of Columbia

Finding a job offering relocation assistance in Chicago

I would love to relocate to Chicago, IL. My only hesitation is the fact that I don't have a job secured in Chicago. I don't mind moving on my own but...

mhbilsen in Milan, Italy

Finding job in Chicago

Hello there, I am currently living in Milan, Italy because of MBA. I have dual citizenship and would love to move back to the States especially to...

adam marcors in Europe

Updated 14 months ago

Need cash fast, what are some extreme jobs here in the city that pay extremely well? - 23 Replies

Does anybody know of any extreme, nasty, dirty, or unpleasant jobs that others are usually unwilling or unable to do, that pay extreme amounts?

A.Sand13 in Cicero, Illinois

Updated 19 months ago

Graphic Design jobs in Chicago? - 1 Reply

Is anyone else having as horrible time as I am finding a graphic design job in Chicago? I'm a recent grad (2012) so I've got a little over a year of...

JK1990 in Almería, Spain

1 year visa - job searching

Looking for help on the best way to search for internships/jobs in the Chicago area? I am an Irish business graduate currently employed as a...

erica mcgee in bellwood, Illinois

Updated 24 months ago

health care job market in Illinois - 1 Reply

I've been a cna for three years but no longer want to be a nurse. What other medical careers can i get into besides nursing? Im looking into... in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 25 months ago

Engineering Jobs in Chicago - 4 Replies

I'm an entry level industry engineering majoring graduating in June, 2010. I'm looking to relocate to Chicago. Any leads for companies/jobs? I have...

Clive Openshaw in Tewkesbury, United Kingdom

Updated 31 months ago

which employers offer sponsorship to USA - 5 Replies

Australian, young female, over 30, looking for work / employment / shcolarship / bursary - teaching, admin, office, professional - need sponsorship /...

Chris welder amd plumber

Updated 34 months ago

Ex- Offender Site needs help - 8 Replies

I am a formerly incarcerated individual looking for employment I Adam a certified welder and also have a certification in plumbing and fire...

driedupfish in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 34 months ago

I really can't decide if I should take the the job or... - 1 Reply

A company in Connecticut (Electric Boat) wants to fly me in for an interview. Does that mean I have a very good chance of getting the job since they...

larry in Daly City, California

Updated 34 months ago - 3 Replies

are there any other subscribers to philsgang here in chicago? if ur interested in forming a networking group, or get togethers pls contact me.

James Batek in Winnetka, Illinois

Updated 35 months ago

Getting a job after homelessness. - 5 Replies

I live in Chicago and am looking for work here. I have two BAs including one from Yale in economics. However, I am mentally ill and spent eight years... in Palos Hills, Illinois

Updated 37 months ago

Interested In Working For Chicago Public Schools?Cafeteria,Security Officer,Environmental Services-certified.lic. - 6 Replies

Hello,my name is Valerie Morris.And I'am seeking employment in either of ,These fields,Of work also with a ServSafe Foodservice License.And i also...

Cynthia S in Banning, California

Updated 38 months ago


I am currently pursuing a Netwok and Communications degree and I would not like to wait until I graduate to find a entry-level position. I would like...

John Evans in Berkeley, California

Updated 38 months ago

Any placement agency for part-time in financial companies? - 1 Reply

I am looking for a part-time/ temp job in financial companies/ bank in Chicago. Is there any placement agency in chicago providing this service? Many...

John Evans in Berkeley, California

Updated 38 months ago

Best companies to work for in Chicago? - 6 Replies

What companies are fueling growth in Chicago? Why are they a great employer?

John Evans in Berkeley, California

Updated 38 months ago

Dj entertainment Service - 3 Replies

If anybody is looking for DJ's to play music for your party/ event in the chicagoland area, check out this website:

John Evans in Berkeley, California

Updated 38 months ago

Grantek Systems Chicago - 2 Replies

I am currently employed at Grantek Systems. I would not recomend this job to anyone. I am a programmer and very unhappy here. I have been saent to...

John Evans in Berkeley, California

Updated 38 months ago

college grad - 2 Replies

It is so tough out here to get a job, even with a bachelor of science. I have been searching for employment the last 5 months, interviews, but no...

John Evans in Berkeley, California

Updated 38 months ago

Temporary or limited license for OTA - 1 Reply

Does state of Chicago offers a temporary or limited license for newly grad. Occupational therapy assistant? If yes, for how many months? How many...

John Evans in Berkeley, California

Updated 38 months ago

I'm a person searching for a job thats not based mainly on phyisical work. - 1 Reply

I'm very punctual and self- motivated. I'm a part-time college that needs a job thats not very physical. Can anyone help me please?

John Evans in Berkeley, California

Updated 38 months ago

Central Iowa - 1 Reply

Anyone know which industries are doing good, and which ones are slowing down. I have experiences in warehousing, production work, custodial,...

John Evans in San Francisco, California

Updated 38 months ago

IT Consultant Seeks Professional References - 3 Replies

I will pay $300 per phone call for you to act as a professional reference. I'll provide all the information you will need as well as my resume. Then...

John Evans in San Francisco, California

Updated 38 months ago


Im looking for bilingual Spanish / English reps for appoiment setting / call center. Pay is commision only $100.00 per closed sale. Part-time...

John Evans in San Francisco, California

Updated 38 months ago

Job in Education - 1 Reply

Teacher of science and computer applications would like to work in education. Have also trained business people to use computer software.

John Evans in San Francisco, California

Updated 38 months ago

Looking for work - 1 Reply

Im a 27 year old male that recently got laid off and finding very difficult finding a decent paying job. I was making $17.00 an hr. and can't find...

John Evans in San Francisco, California

Updated 38 months ago

looking for a job - 5 Replies

I am a hard worker. I never call off from work and always on time for work. I am sure I can make someone happy and only if I be given a chance.

John Evans in San Francisco, California

Updated 38 months ago

age issues - 17 Replies

am i the only older job seeker that is seeing obvious age discrimination. its really depressing. there are perfect jobs that i apply for and...

John Evans in San Francisco, California

Updated 38 months ago

Cook County Department of Public Health - 4 Replies

If being demeaned, insulted, micro-managed, followed to the bathroom, not allowed to punch in until 5 minutes before start, told that your best is...

John Evans in San Francisco, California

Updated 38 months ago

April 2009 Customs Broker Exam - 31 Replies

I am looking for anyone who has taken the test recently and is willing to sell their study material. Also, if anyone is interested in creating a...

rwriter1950 in Milford, Massachusetts

Updated 39 months ago

Finding a job.. - 4 Replies

I Dont young and im qualified for decent jobs. but every time i apply and get interviewed, they always tell me im promising or some...

CareerChangeTraining in Carpentersville, Illinois

Updated 40 months ago

Chicago Career Tech program - 1 Reply

Hi, anyone been accepted into this city program called Chicago Career Tech or know of someone who has? It's where they give you free training in a...

MichelleS in Lombard, Illinois

How to find a job in advertising in Chicago?

I thought I might ask here since I've really been searching all over for some type of insight. I feel like applying through the online job boards...

Bike in Aurora, Illinois

Massage Working with Poor and Needy

Hello, i am a LMT in illinois. I am looking for an organization that works with the poor and needy to start a buisness relationship with. If anyone...

nene in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 55 months ago

jobs with an Associate degree - 1 Reply

Associate degrees seem worthless this days. Anyone here have an idea what kind of job to get with an associate degree in science.

randy in Wheaton, Illinois

I'm looking for Delivery Driver job,

I'm a very good drive I know the city and the suburb as well.I willing to work ASAP. I've vaild driving lin,good driving record. if need a local...

randy in Wheaton, Illinois

Updated 55 months ago

college grad with a past drug conviction needs employment - 1 Reply

Hello my names is Jonathan and i need help finding a job. I have a Felony for possesion of drugs from a few years ago and even though I have recently...

GoingBoeing in Chicago, Illinois

Zipcar Member Service Associate

Does anyone know a ball park figure of what a Zipcar Member Services Associate starts at salary wise? Does anyone have any experience working for...

Carman in Chicago, Illinois

seeking help to start a new business and to find a job working in a dog shelter

Need information on how to apply for a grant proposal without the charge. Need to know where these organization is located in the chicago. I really...

Catey in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 62 months ago

Massage Therapy Cont. Ed. - 7 Replies

Hi. I'm trying to gauge the need for a new spot in Chicago that's sole purpose is to offer continuing education classes for massage therapists at...

henry in Mandeville, Louisiana

Updated 64 months ago

Good entry level jobs for a college graduate (That are not sales!) - 1 Reply

I recently graduated from an elite university this Spring and yep, you guessed it, I have had as much luck finding a job as Blagojevich has had in...

Clyde dampier in Chicago Heights, Illinois

Updated 64 months ago

Where to start? - 3 Replies

I'm 19 years old with only one previous job in retail to my name. I'm currently living in and looking for a job in Chicago, IL. The problem is,...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 64 months ago

misdirected HAMPSHIRE posts - 1 Reply

I've got a search set up for the NW Chicago suburbs. For the most part it's working fine. Except I keep getting Indeed job alerts for jobs in...

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