Employers? What are you looking for and why do you make this process so DIFFICULT!!??

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Kimberly Gueringer in Chicago, Illinois

23 months ago

HR Professionals, why would a staffing agency list a position that is no longer available? A few months ago, I was contacted by a staffing agency about a position that I was definitely interested in. Did all the necessary, forwarded resume, went in to meet with agency, and got positive feedback regarding my submissions. Followed up with the agency contact about a week later and she said the pos...ition had been put on hold. However, the next day, I saw the SAME listing for the SAME job by the SAME agency. So fast forward 2 months later and I see again the SAME listing for the SAME job by the SAME agency, so I reach out once again to the agency contact, and she tells me the same thing, that the position is on hold. So, why is the agency still listing the job then? She says, “They are open to seeing additional candidates if I come across anyone, they are still looking at candidates. Right now, they are not interested in moving forward with an interview.” That sounds like crock of crap to me. If they aren’t interested in my resume, then that’s fine, I can accept that, but don’t blow smoke up my rear with the “Position is on hold” nonsense… On the State of Illinois website, there are tons of jobs. You test, you apply and then nothing. JP Chase has over hundreds of jobs listed on its job boards all over the country paying at least $50 grand that remain open or otherwise unfilled for months, why? Didn’t Chase just lay off a bunch of people? How do you layoff people (long term employees) and then have all these jobs open? Employers, the hell is wrong with you? Clearly logic has no role in this scenario, or maybe they know something I don’t. I tend to think it’s a bit of both. There are plenty of skilled experienced workers with transferrable skills who can play in any industry. What are you looking for on these resumes? What gets a potential candidate in the door?

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amportfolio in Chicago, Illinois

15 months ago

In the case of that agency, it sounds like they're farming for resumes. For all we know, that job never existed, but they needed the listing to get people like you to send them resumes.

As for Chase and many companies, they're doing the same. Their HR people are "keeping busy" in the hope their superiors do not see them with less to do (and thus lay them off). They're collecting resumes in case a trigger is pulled to find someone, keeping aside the "rockstars" they would hope to hire if they so get the opportunity.

I agree it sucks, and give you sympathy. All I can tell you is to treat every job listing you apply to as if it was fake...meaning apply and move on, not be holding and hoping for a call. That and try to get into networking events. Make people in companies become your advocates.

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shingami in Chicago, Illinois

15 months ago

I know your post is 8 months old but and you won't see this, but you are so right about the State of Illinois jobs. They make that process so difficult. I see TONS of jobs listed all the time, but never even get a fake email back about thank you for applying, nothing. How are people getting those jobs? Is it just for show and they are hiring 95% internally because I'm sick of it. Whole process is a waste of time.

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