Grantek Systems Chicago

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Bill in Lockport, Illinois

54 months ago

Thanks ACE its good to know..allot od fly by night places out there promising the world and not delivering. Hope you luck in your job search.

gccc eghc in Melrose Park, Illinois

53 months ago


Took you advice and checked out their website..Sure enough they did say they had a low turnover...HMMM...Makes me think places that emphasize statements in there Websites is exactly the this case I got to believe so..especially with someone who has first hand knowledge like Ace.....Thanks Ace I will keep away from this place...


John Evans in Berkeley, California

42 months ago

Thanks for the post.
For anyone looking for jobs or who are interested in future job search, there are hundreds of Chicago job openings on this job board that is entirely dedicated to help people in Chicago find jobs.
Here is a bitly link to the page! Hope this helps.

You can 'like' the page if you wanted to get more updated information and resources..


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