Graphic Design jobs in Chicago?

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KT in Wheaton, Illinois

36 months ago

Is anyone else having as horrible time as I am finding a graphic design job in Chicago? I'm a recent grad (2012) so I've got a little over a year of experience but it seems like places are only looking to hire senior or mid-level designers. Furthermore the junior/entry level positions I come across require 1-3 years of experience. I've been working freelance since getting out of school but am really looking for a full time position. I've got several good references now, but that's all for nothing if I can't even get a response from any job listings! I check several different job boards a day and it's safe to say that I'm kind of at a loss now.

Any tips or tricks? Job boards I might not know about? Someone else want to rant along with me?

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A.Sand13 in Cicero, Illinois

36 months ago

Hey KT, I'm in the same boat you are. I graduated with an associates in graphic design haven't been able to find a stable job either. However, I've talked to people with Bachelors degrees in Graphic Design and its the same story for them. It sucks I know. But you gotta keep trying.

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Internet Artisan in Chicago, Illinois

15 months ago

It is growing tougher for print designers, as everything has gone digital. I know older graphic designers having the same troubles because most of the openings require knowledge of HTML and CSS.

That's life though, as clients are spending more for websites, banners, and emails over print items. If you're unable to design for digital, then you'll be left behind.

I'd suggest you have an online portfolio, and get some kind of digital experiences under your belt. Try to pick up some freelance, do volunteer graphic design work for charities, and especially go to networking events.

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