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Mike in Chicago, Illinois

76 months ago

I'm 19 years old with only one previous job in retail to my name. I'm currently living in and looking for a job in Chicago, IL.

The problem is, most (if not all) jobs that I come across require a valid state driver's license and one's own car. I can feasibly get the license, but I can't get my own car without auto insurance, and I can't get auto insurance without a job.

I'm caught in a catch-22. Are there any paying jobs for an inexperienced young adult that don't require such things? Or am I thinking too deeply, and this driver's license requirement is one I should be taking with a grain of salt?

I have absolutely no money, nor any cash flow, and I just want to start somewhere, anywhere.

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

76 months ago

Get a job within walking distance to a bus or train. Chicago has fairly good public transporation. You're going to find as you get older, and the novelty of driving wears off, you look for opportunities to use public transporation.

Joe in Chicago, Illinois

71 months ago

Mike I find the opposite , I see all types of retail stores hiring within Chicago .The two Entry Level positions I last seen were for Sears and Eyemasters in Chicago and they do not require you have a car.They would only ask to see if you can actually make it to work.Just say you have a ride and take public transportation ,cab or walk .As for the license they most likely only want it for a picture ID , or if you will be driving a company vehicle.

The problem I find is that there are no jobs in Chicago (city limits) for warehouse / general labor / outside work.If there are please tell me.

I see them all in the suburbs , but I cannot finance a car while on unemployment.

Clyde dampier in Chicago Heights, Illinois

68 months ago

my comments is i don,t have a car for once and i don,t have insurence i need a job

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