I'm Lost

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Brandi1986 in Cincinnati, Ohio

80 months ago

I have been working part-time as a customer service rep. for 5+ years and need a change of pace. I don't know where I should look? I love being hands on. I have a very creative side, but only have a few years of college, no degree, under my belt. What would be a good place in Cincinnati to look for a job, that pays decently, and would work with my qualifications? Ideally I don't want a call center job like I have now.

Liz in Amelia, Ohio

79 months ago

You may be selling yourself short because you don't have a college degree. What do you really like to do? Do you like interacting with a lot of people? Are you good on a PC? Do you like math? I am very creative as well, but I chose not to go into an artistic career because, frankly, I wanted to make more money that I thought artists could make. Turns out that artists can do very well.
You may need hands on experience in order to move up in your chosen field without a degree. You can still use your creative side to solve problems and especially to interact with various types people. You probably already do that now. Artists and most all other careers these days need strong PC skills. If you don't know Microsoft Office, then get trained on that, Word, Excel & Outlook - at minimum. From there the world is open to you. I started my career as a bookkeeper for a small hardware company and learned the basics (on the job) and from there moved up to an accountant and have been employed for decades with those skills. I learned about myself in the process, that I do like interacting with people so I became a manager and a very successful one. You don't have to choose one thing and stay there forever; most of us move around after 5-10 years otherwise we get stale and bored, probably your current situation. I suggest that you decide what you're good at and enjoy doing and put those skills to use any number of occupations. There are many advertised jobs right now for administrative assistants (are you organized and do you know Microsoft? - then you can do that) If you really like working on a PC there are many jobs that require data input, like a job in a hospital checking in patients or billing. If you like math, the bookkeeper or accounts payable job could be for you. You could choose to be an admin asst or acct payable in a field (marketing or interior design) that would interest your creative side or you could be a receptionist almost anywhere. Good luck!!!

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