MBA student seeks housing in COS

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sebweb2 in Homécourt, France

60 months ago

Hi all

I'd like to know which neighborhoods I should definitely avoid and which I should rather take a look at.

I'm French, currently I live and work in Luxembourg but I'll be moving overseas to attend UCCS's MBA program for a year starting next August until May/June 2011 or so.
So I'm looking for an apartment located not too far from the university, shops and transit service as I WON'T HAVE A CAR.
I just got the admission result a couple of weeks ago and it's starting in 2 months only so it's quite an emergency...

I have found several condos around Austin Bluffs Plaza and Palmer Park which looked nice enough and proposed 1 and 2-bedroom apartments that were really not expensive (even cheaper than a private room on the campus) but maybe too much cheap if I trust the many reviews found on the internet that list the cons. I don't know what to think about that and kind of feel lost.

I care more on security and living in a nice safe neighborhood than on having a pool, fitness center...

By the way, is living there easy without a car?
Any piece of advice is welcome! Thank you so much.


sebweb2 in Homécourt, France

60 months ago


I'll see if I can find something aroud Garden of the Gods, can you just tell me which zip code this area is?

Regarding the car issue, I guess I'll have some hard time in Colorado Springs. I leave in Paris so I'm used to have metro and buses stations everywhere.

sebweb2 in Homécourt, France

60 months ago

Well, great. Thanks a lot for the advice and for your quick replies!

The closest to UCCS I had found is located at 921 Westmoreland Rd('Spring creek apartments')

I have just watched around I-25 and 80907 as you told me and have foung those places:
-Park Terrace at 3210 N Chestnut St
-Chestnut Springs at 4331 N Chestnut St
-Fillmore Crossing Apartments and Efficiencies at 3125 Sinton Rd

Would you know how those neighborhoods are, or would anyone even know those condos?

sebweb2 in Jarny, France

59 months ago

Thank you for your help!

When electing COS the best big city to live in the US they sould have added "only if you have a car!".

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